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  • Didn't deserve to be canceled.

    Trial By Jury takes us even deeper into the courtrooms than any other Law & Order. Many people accuse it of being the weakest of all spin-offs but I think it's a lot better than Criminal Intent. TBJ takes a whole new spin on the Law & Order franchise by being almost ALL about courtroom drama where the other spin-offs and Mothership mainly focussed on detective work. If this show had been given more of a chance in a better time slot it could have done well. Chances of it ever being brought back to air is slim to none but we can hope! I advise everyone who's a fan of Law & Order to go out and pick Trial By Jury up on box set to show some support. A good show that was never given a chance.
  • A show that makes you really root against the uppity ADAs, they are some big time b*t*hes. They acting by Neuwirth and Carlson is great but the characters are just awful.

    As I continue the viewing of Mr. Wolf's Trial By Jury L & O program via the DVD box set a light click on in my head. Number one the Bebe and Carslon's characters are very unlikeable as in I was rooting for baby killers and cop killers as well as rapist to be set free just to spite these ADAs. I think this might have been the reason the ratings were so poor. No one wants to invest time week after week for a couple of mean and rather unlikeable people, decorum prohibits the word I wish to use as a adjective. House does it right with its deplorable lead which some say guys can pull off the a-hole likeable role but then you look at Glenn Close in Damages her charachter is deplorable but at least she is just out for money and not so sanctimonious crusade to uphold a crappy legal system.
  • The fourth "Law and order" piece to hit the tv, hanging around for one season. Familiar faces include Jerry Orbach as "Lennie Briscoe" and Fred Dalton Thompson as D.A. "Arthur Branch". Bebe Neuwirth and Amy Carlson round out the cast as Assistant D.A's.

    I was hoping to see this installment of the "Law and Order" series come back, but no dice.
    Jerry Orbach appears in a couple episodes before his death, the clearly aging Orbach still had it, spouting of a few slick one liners and references to his favorite place the OTB.
    Focusing more on the courtroom, "Trial by jury" takes a closer look at the district attorneys as well as the defense attorneys. Surprisingly, the jurors are also put into more of the spotlight.
  • I am requesting you return Law & Order Trial by Jury

    I loved the Law & Order Trial by Jury show, and want it to return because of the other characters on the show since the late Jerry Orbach. This is all I can say about it except that the perfect time slot would be on Wednesday nights, at 10:00 pm. Sincerely, Nancy P.S. I like all the characters on this show, and miss this particular show more than Law & Order Criminal Intent, and I really love all the Law & Orders, but Law & Order Trial by Jury is my favorite favorite one of all the Law & Order shows
  • A perfect fit for the rest of the L&O franchise

    A lot of people panned Trial by Jury, but I think it was a perfect fit for the rest of the franchise. Law and Order show the police investigation and then the trial. SVU and CI delt more with the investigation and a lot less of the trial. It only made sence to have a L&O that focused on the trial.

    I especially like Bebe Neuworth and Kirk Acevedo on this show. They are two very strong actors that really drove the show. It also starred Jerry Orbach (albeit only two episodes)before his untimely death.

    I know a lot of L&O fans didn't care for this one, but in my opinion it was a hell of a lot better than Conviction.
  • "In the Criminal Justice System, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty, either by confession, plea bargain, or trial by jury. This is one of those trials"

    Never Judge a show by it’s Pilot: Law & Order: Trial by Jury I am a big fan of the "Law & Order" franchise. So when I heard that there was going to be another series, I was excited for two reasons. The first reason was that unlike the other spin-offs that focus on the point-of-view police detectives, "Law & Order: Trial by Jury" will focus on the judicial system told from the point-of-view of the prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and jurors. The second reason was that Jerry Orbach was going to be on the show playing Lennie Briscoe. Lennie Briscoe was my favorite part of the original series. CHILD OF TELEVISION: A case of life imitating art... NOT!

    When I saw the pilot (The Abominable Showman), I was happy to see many familiar faces like Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston), District Attorney Arthur Branch (Fred Dalton Thompson), Judge Amanda Anderlee (Candice Bergen) and Lennie Briscoe (the late Jerry Orbach). I also enjoyed the new characters Assistant District Attorney, Tracey Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth), Assistant District Attorney, Kelly Gaffney (Amy Carlson) and Briscoe’s partner, DA Investigator Hector Salazar (Kirk Acevedo). But I was also concerned for two reasons. First I could hear something that I hear others say when reading one of my scripts, "The people from Iowa want to see more action, not just see talking heads". Hey, I never saw it hurt "The West Wing". My other concern was that the Jerry Orbach fans might not stay with the show. Even though he was showing signs of his illness, Jerry Orbach was still Lennie. Overall I liked the show. It had brilliant writing and acting, something that I see less and less of on TV. The show exceeds my expectations for a Dick Wolf production, and as a fan I want to see it succeed, but I never judge a show by it’s pilot.

    The second episode (Forty-One Shots) I thought was better than the pilot. I was glued to the screen. The best part was the reading of the verdict seen through the eyes of Lennie Briscoe (in what would be Orbach’s final scene) and his fellow officers. Again it had brilliant writing and acting, but I wanted to see an episode without Briscoe

    The third episode (Vigilante) introduces a new character Detective Chris Ravell (Scott Cohen). Even though he did a great job, it was obvious that he was filling in a void left by Orbach, but I fully understand the circumstances. Sill the show exceeds my expectations for a Dick Wolf production. Fortunately Dick Wolf created a franchise with story based shows that allow for cast changes without hurting the quality of the show. I look forward to the next episode.

    To quote Lennie Briscoe, "Cuff him. And if he tries to resist, shoot him!"

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • Crap.

    Don't even wast your time!! This is not a Law and Order doesn't even remotely resemble one...It's no wonder there won't be a second season of it!!!Trust me, don't even bother watching it! Real Law and Orders have a mixture of detectives, attorneys, drama in the cases and the characters lives. This has attorneys...don't get me wrong I love Conviction but that at least has the case dramas and the characters issues if not the cops. SVU is a much better Law and Order to watch instead of this piece of major garbage. Dick Wolf made a mistake with this one!!
  • Big mistakes with this show, why would you.....

    Why would they come out with another Law and Order, there are way too many to begin with and this idea for a show does not make sense. People on the Jur switch for every case, so why make a show about a bunch of trials and one Jury. I can not even begin to think of why NBC would cancel TW for this, this show was an absoulte waste of money and time by both, NBC and the Producers of L and O. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve seen plenty of bad shows in the past while, but this has to take the cake.
  • Definitely worth watching. They were definitely wrong to axe this one. It went 'behind the scenes' after all was said and done and focused solely on the trial. Excellent show.

    Though the show in itself was seemingly destined for stardom, not enough people watched it. Had it gotten higher ratings it would still be around. Most people who have watched it love it, but for some reason it didn't catch the appeal NBC hoped for. This is the common fallacy of TV nowadays. They should have at least let the season run entirely through before coming to a solid decision. I'm beginning to lose my faith in NBC. This show was awesome.
  • Isn't it funny that the show they replaced Trial by Jury with only lasted two episdoes. Now, what do they have but reruns of Criminal Intent! Had NBC not been idiots, we could be seeing new Trial by Jury on Friday nights.

    Isn't it funny that the show they replaced Trial by Jury with only lasted two episdoes. Now, what do they have but reruns of Criminal Intent! Had NBC not been idiots, we could be seeing new Trial by Jury on Friday nights.

    Where SVU and Criminal Intent dealt almost exclusively with the police aspect of the crime, Trial by Jury dealt almost exclusively with the trial aspect of it. Bebe Neuwirth was wonderul as ADA Kibre with a supporting cast which included original series cast members Fred Dalton Thompson and Jerry Orbach.
  • This incarnation of Law & Order dealt almost entirely with the prosecution of cases in New York City. Additionally, like "Criminal Intent," the viewers were treated to the suspects' point of view with their defense counsel.

    I loved Law & Order - Trial by Jury. It was a great show, with interesting stories. I thought it was especially good because it offset the investigation-heavy Law & Order shows, SVU and CI. Those two shows barely deal with the courtroom aspects of their cases. ADA Carver is barely seen on CI, despite having an opening credit.
    I enjoy the law and watching the prosecution aspect of the original Law & Order. So Trial By Jury was right up my alley. The cases were interesting and the crossovers with SVU and the original show were well done.
    The only part of the show that I think needed work was the character interactions. It seemed like Kibre and Gaffney were too similar and did not disagree often. Their interactions with the DA Investigative squad was minimal and seemed forced. I do think these things were correctable and would have matured with the show.
    I don't agree with its cancellation. SVU, CI, and hell, even the original show needed time to find its footing. Go back and look at the first season of Law & Order - Special Victims Unit. It is radically different from the way it is now. It was good, but now it's better. Same with Criminal Intent. NBC should have given Trial By Jury time to grow like it gave every other show.
  • This had to be the one of the worst shows in history

    Who watched this show...I\'m so used to having great scripts & great acting, I just thought there would be one more winner. They had great story ideas, but terrible scripts and the absolutly no talent for acting. Bebe Neuwirth, dressed in seductive or casual clothes, giving a lisping summation in front of her \"Yes girl\" Amy Carlson (who might have been good, but you couldn\'t tell because she had NO LINES). Thank goodness they cancelled this show.
  • I love the show. People just need to realize that it is an amazing show.

    When I heard that they were creating a new Law & Order series, I was so excited. I love that they decided to do a show on the trials because I have always wanted to see the trials. I love the characters and the trials. This is a show that I will always love and I think that it should continue.
  • Although I know they never will, I wish they would bring this one back.

    I thought this was an excellent show with an excellent cast. I have to say it naturally would have been much better if Jerry Orbach hadn't died and was still playing Lenny Briscoe. I found the stories interesting and the acting above average. I don't understand why this show wasn't given the respect it deserved. Just the fact that it was part of the Law and Order series should have given it another 13 episodes minimum for this season. I absolutely loved the crossover episodes they did with the other L&O shows. Hopefully we'll get to see some of these characters as guests on the other shows. We can hope for at least that much.
  • Why did NBC pull the plug on this show? Why give up on a Law & Order show?

    Come on, NBC. Give this show a chance. This show was indeed cutting edge, because it focused totally on the courtroom aspects of the criminal justice system, and for those of us who are fascinated by the criminal courts system like I am, this brought a totally different dimension from the other three shows. That, along with the integration from the motership, SVU and CI really gave it pizazz. I hope Dick Wolf will see fit to bring it back soon.
  • A new series that was hit by a tragic death of lead actor and had too short a run to develop.

    I really enjoyed this show and regret that Jerry Orbach passed away. However, the approach neede to be fine-tuned a little and would make a great addition to nBC\\\'s lineup of shows if thet make a few changes. I paricularly liked the cast, especially BebE Neuwirth\\\'s characterization of Kibre. She is a multi-talented actress and hope that she and the other cast members can be integrated into the other Law and Order series. Perhaps, it could use an infusion of another major star as an D.A.\\\'s office investigator who has the presence that Jerry did in his long running L & O role as Lennie
  • I don't think L&O:Trial by Jury was given a fair chance. After the death of a main character the cast & crew would have to scramble. Constant pre-empting also a problem - viewers can't watch it if they can't figure out when it's on.

    L&O: Trial by Jury - just the name alone meant I would love it! All my life I have loved the trial part of any show - with technology so advanced it is harder for the bad guys to hide, and I love all the CSI/ L&O;SVU/ Crossing Jordan/ Cold Case shows, but they never show the consequences a person may face if they commit a crime. If they knew they would face stiff penalties, some people might be discouraged from committing the crime in the first place. Also, after the sudden death of a main character whenever the show was mentioned on TV, Magazines or TV Guides it sounded like the show was expected to fail because it had lost the only valuable actor, totally not the case at all!!! This might have discouraged some people from bothering to watch the show.
  • Huh?

    While another spin off of Law and Order may seem like more of the same I did like this series. I was sad to hear Jerry Orbach died right as they were filming and Bebe Neuwirth as the choice of the lead seemed strange to me and I wondered how the show would do. She did well and I really started to like the show and then it got pulled. Really what did the network think, it was going to be a huge hit right off the bat with no real time for the audience to really find it? What a shame.
  • Excellent Companion Series That Needs To Be Returned

    Trial By Jury, the fourth Law & Order show, proved to be the best in the off-the-bat first season. By this point, the making of a series is more natural to the creative team.

    This was a great show, with a great star in Bebe Neuwirth. Though the show has ended, I hope that Neuwirth will at least be brought in whenever Sam Waterston retires from Law & Order.

    This also served as the final stomping grounds for the excellent Jerry Orbach. If you can, you must watch his final performances in the first two episodes.
  • The first episode of this show managed to make certain I will never get into it or any others of its relatives.

    I have seen random episodes of the original. I thought it was an ok show -- it leaned to the left, but not too excessively, and seemed to at least acknowledge the "opposing" point of view (I am small-l libertarian, not conservative, FWIW).

    With regards to this show, I thought the concept sounded very interesting, so I looked forward to that first episode, and recorded it, since I could not watch.

    Then I saw the first episode of this show. I turned it off partway through -- and I am now determined to never, ever watch any episode of any version of the show, as a result.

    Early on in this premiere episode, the judge involved in the case utters the line: "Are you subtly trying for jury nullification? You *know* jury nullification has been ruled illegal".

    To say the least, I was utterly flabbergasted at the absolute mendacity of this statement. It is such a flat out, unmitigated lie it's simply amazing that they dared have *any* character utter it -- much less a JUDGE of all people.

    Jury Nullification is a time-honored tradition with a long history in English Common Law. Not only is it not illegal, it's a cornerstone of modern law. It's one of the final checks and balances on an out of control system.

    It has, in the past, contributed to the futility of fugitive slave laws in the 1800s, and strongly contributed to the eventual repeal of prohibition.

    William Penn (as in PENNsylvania) made his legal career in a key case in England in the 1600s.

    The powers-that-be have done their absolute best to hide its continued existence from the public, but there are forces which are out there to educate and inform out there -- FIJA ( is one of the best-known.

    To make such an outrageous attack against this key institution is simply inexcusable, and more than amply demonstrates that the writers and producers have no interest in presenting anything resembling "the real law"... they'll make up anything as they see fit.

    This is not mere poetic license -- had some random character said that, it would be fine -- for a judge? No ****ing way!

    Watch the show, if you want to be entertained by outright legal fantasy -- just don't ever believe a single word of anything it says with regards The Law.

    It's quite clear that The Law came a-knockin', and the writers said, "Who dat? Go away!"
  • After the unfortunate loss of Jerry Orbach, the remaining cast members just weren’t interesting enough to carry the show.

    After the unfortunate loss of Jerry Orbach, the remaining cast members just weren’t interesting enough to carry the show.

    The original "Law & Order" split story time between police and prosecution. "Criminal Intent" & "SVU" spend most of their time on the police investigation and often end with the suspect being arrested, so "Trial By Jury" was intended to concentrate on the legal end.

    Normally this would have been a workable idea. Poor casting did the show in though. Most of the early promotion was geared toward the return of Lenny Brisco (Jerry Orbach) and the two episodes that he was in were better than following episodes. They should have transferred one of the ADA’s from one of the other Law & Order shows so there would have been a main character we were at least familiar with.

    It is unfortunate that the show was cancelled, as season one has been the lowest rated season for any Law & Order show.
  • mere words cannot express the greatness of this groundbreaking series and Law & Order spinoff.

    I cannot believe nbc cancelled this awesome show. my only hope is that the show will be released on dvd. Only Second to the original Law & Order. Great cast, fresh writing, overall the best that tv has to offer. A must see. Five stars, 10 out of 10, it is so good.
  • This Show was Completly Awesome!!! I wish People could just see the uniqueness of this show.It Brings in a Whole New Concept of the Law and Order franchise.Instead of the Same thing as the Other Law and Orders.

    Unlike the Other Law and Orders Trial By Jury was More Daring and Was able to Take you places that the others could not.Such as Inside the Courtroom and show you what it Really looks like and Feels like in the Courtroom.Take it from Me I am not Proud to say I have been to a Real Courtroom but I have and This Show had that Exact same feel.
  • This show is another sequel to Law and Order this time about the ADA's and DA's and the trial.

    I think I lost brain cells watching this show. Seriously, I love SVU and enjoy watching the original and CI cause they also have great storylines, but this sequel just doesn't cut it. First of all the stories are boring and when I tried to watch it (I mean really tried) I just ended up changing it to The Golden Girls and i don't even like that show! Also SVU, the original and CI all have interesting plot lines and twists, this show just can't do it even though it tries.

    It doesn't help that the acting isn't at its best. Who knows why Bebe Neuwirth accepted this role after reading such a boring script, or maybe it was her that made it boring. The cast just didn't melsh, at first it looked like the cast would be ok but then Jerry died and everything fell apart and that just set everything to go downhill from that point.

    Now if you want exciting storylines with great twists see Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order and Law and Order: Criminal Intent, don't waste your time and brain cells on Trial By Jury.
  • This show had a few upfill moments- before going downhill and falling into the category of "pointless".

    "Trial By Jury" was never a show that anyone needed. This show has simply fallen into the "not another crime show" area. Unfortuantley, it lost all potential after Jerry Orbach and we found that the inside of a courtroom isn't so intresting.

    I don't need to describe this show as it is obvious. It is just another boring crime show that is set (for a change) set in a courtroom with barely any storylines that last or even have an effect over multiple episodes.

    This show had potential but unfortuantley it was wasted. This show will only be rememered as the short-lived embrassement to the Law and Order series that aired on NBC and proved a point: franchises do not last forever- especially when they have a bad seed.
  • "Law & Order: Trial by Jury" brings a whole new concept to the "Law & Order" franchise. This show is all about the court scenes and how Defense Attorneys and A.D.A.'s act prosecute.

    "Law & Order: Trial by Jury" brings a whole new concept to the "Law & Order" franchise. This show is all about the court scenes and how Defense Attorneys and A.D.A.'s act prosecute. This show is of course brought to us by Dick Wolf, the creator of all the other "Law & Order" franchises.

    This show has many great characters including for two episodes that of Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and A.D.A. Tracey Kibre (Bebe Neuwirth). The whole cast brings something new to the table never seen before.

    Although the show only lasted a season, there have been crossovers from each show but "Law & Order: Criminal Intent". The spinoffs were very successful and would have been great if the show continued.


    Even though the show is over, it will remain a very great short-lived series that will be missed by the 15.6 to 17 million viewers a week that watched the show.