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The longest-running crime series in U.S. television history has made its way across the pond for a UK reworking. Series creator Dick Wolf has given Law & Order a makeover-for fans in the UK. Law & Order: UK sets out to retain the grittiness of the original series, but be uniquely British. The show commenced broadcast in 2009 and is not to be confused with the 1978 crime drama Law and Order.


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  • Bradley Walsh

    Bradley Walsh

    DS Ronnie Brooks

    Jamie Bamber

    Jamie Bamber

    DS Matt Devlin [ 2009 - 2011 ]

    Paul Nicholls

    Paul Nicholls

    DS Sam Casey [ 2012 - 2013 ]

    Ben Bailey Smith

    Ben Bailey Smith

    DS Joe Hawkins [ 2014 ]

    Harriet Walter

    Harriet Walter

    DI Natalie Chandler [ 2009 - 2012 ]

    Paterson Joseph

    Paterson Joseph

    DI Wes Leyton [ 2013 - 2014 ]

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    • All the cops lie at this show

      It's disgusting as all the cops are willing to lie no matter what at this show.

      it's disgusting...

      Also... they prosecute innocent people 65% of the times...

      It's a disgusting show
    • My hubby and I are avid fans of the L&O series and welcome each new addition. A UK version is one I never expected...

      imagine our surprise whilst hubby was cruising the channels looking for our daily fix of something to dvr in order to fill our time and make it fly (OK its REALLY boring here in Oz)..ANYWAYS..he dvr'd some episodes and WOW! Not bad..not bad at all! OK so Brits are a bit different than us...and alot of Americans may find this drowsy watching. But mind you we grew up watching Brit shows like Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Lovejoy and yes even Benny Hill.

      It is ALMOST the same as the original Law & Order which then branched to SVU, CI and now LA...and I am sure there are folks upset with those spin-offs as there are those who are upset with UK... My answer? Sit down with an open mind..give it a shot and ya never know you might find yourself saying "hey he sorta reminds me of Briscoe"... I say good job and I am glad we found you..UK version ya just might have two more American fans...moreless
    • I've watched the original law & order since it started 20 yrs ago and all the run offs too. I love all of them.

      Ok, now the only bad thing i have to say about this show is, out of the hand full of episodes shown so far, their has been a few copied shows from the US one. Doesn't the UK have crime stories of their own? Why are they making the same stories but only with british actors? I just don't understand. The show could be so good if the stories were new, and not copied from any of the other law & orders. And I was wondering. Since this show is on BBC America, is the US the only country able to see it?moreless
    • I am not a fan of Law & Order but it isn't only about the show. It is about the characters. It is ALWAYS abizt the characters

      Some people here complain that this is just a silly knock off of an American show and before L&O UK started I would have agreed butI have come to actually like the show. It is not exactly perfect. The characters need to be more fleshed out and and the writers need to be a bit braver but I think there is potential for the show. The main reason why I watch this show has to do with the cast. L&O UK has a really superb team and the writers need to give them material with which they can flex their acting muscles. Give the show a chance. It deserves it.moreless
    • Uggh, so dull and boring

      I've only seen the first episode but it crawled. I sat through the whole thing but more because I'd resolved to give it a chance than out of interest. I didn't recognize a remade US episode though as I've read from others that is what it was - it just was extremely dull. Hated the supposed class divide and therefore accent shifts on display between the coppers and the Crown. Hated the subservient character Freyma plays. Hated the lead Crown attorney. Liked the older cop in the investigating couple. Thought their governor was okay. I'm giving it another chance and will watch the next few episodes and see what happens. I feel awful for Harriet Walther, Jamie Bamber and Freyma Ageyman. Hope they have other work lined up. British TV is brutal and they won't last long.moreless

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