Law & Order: UK

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on ITV
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DSs Brooks and Devlin investigate allegations of sexual assault made against a Harley Street gynaecologist by one of his patients. They find no conclusive evidence, but Alesha Phillips of the CPS is determined to secure a case against the doctor.

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  • Honestly WTF? That was painful to watch ...not in a good way. Bad, bad ITV. No cookies for you.

    I have read somewhere that this storyline has actually been done in the original L&O and was already disliked back then. I can understand why. I was rather infurated and baffled by the whole episode. There was so much in it that I didn't like. Why would Alisha go back eventhough she knows EXACTLY what this pervert does to women. She basically volunteered in getting raped. How utterly out of character and stupid was that? Later on she withheld the fact that she went to the gyn in the first place because of her friend. I am quite sure that her professional relationship with James is going to suffer after this. I certainly wouldn't trust her. Last but not least. This story is not set in 1980 but in modern London for goodness sake. No Sex Crime Unit? No rape kits? Victims are left by themselves? I don't think so. If they want to take some ancient storyline from L&O then how about updating it as a whole? The trial itself was also a shambles. There is NO WAY that a rape victim would be forced to sit through her own ordeal again like that. There is also no way that she would be allowed in the courtroom to watch the verdit. Was there anything redeeming about the episode? well, the acting was good. If that had also been bad then the score would have been even lower. In my opinion, this was the weakest episode from the seven that have been aired and it will be the last one for a while (probably till autumn).moreless
  • I know this plot came from the original L&O. But why not to chose a good one? Why this?

    The only good thing about this episode was that it really touched me. But not in a good way. This hymn to the stupidity was shocking. I don't know yet what I shall teach my future children, but the point 'never go back to a person who assaulted you and never stay alone with him' is in the list. Justice must be sick if it requires another crime to be done. But it's not sick, one just should try more and keep on searching. This episode must have been a benefit performance for Freema Agyeman, but it wasn't. Her acting has been poor since the 1st episode and there's no hope it will get better.moreless
  • Emotionally resonant, took Law and Order out of the ballpark of mediocre TV...

    And all down to Freema Agyeman. Yes, her character made stupid decisions, but she made them for the right reasons. Her performance was sensitive, astute and totally conveyed the pain that Alesha experienced. Alec Merrick and the defence barrister were characterised brilliantly, and personally revolted me. Rarely do I get so involved with a piece of TV fiction. The whole cast was brilliant too, and Ctaherine Tregenna handled the whole issue with complete sensitiviy, which I doubt Chibnall could have done had he wrote this offering. A perfect place to act as a break between the first and second half of the series. Almost felt like a seruies finalé.moreless
  • This episode was a direct ripoff of an episode from the US when the psychologist was molested by her gyn...

    This episode was a direct ripoff of an episode from the US when the psychologist was molested by her gyn... It would have been nice if they could have come up with new plotlines instead of rehashing the US ones.

    I do like the cast. Bringing in the Sci-fi favs should really help getting new viewers when they bring it back here to the US.

    Hopefully the show will settle into a regular beat by the end of this season. I remember how bad ST:TNG was the first season. This episode was a direct ripoff of an episode from the US when the psychologist was molested by her gyn...moreless
Derek Riddell

Derek Riddell

Dr Alec Merrick

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Lesley Manville

Lesley Manville

Phyllis Gladstone

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Nancy Crane

Nancy Crane


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    • James Steel: We don't have enough of a case. I'm sorry, no other women have come forward. They're probably too scared to speak out.
      DS Brooks: Which is what he relies on.
      Alesha Phillips: He'll do it again. He won't stop. And what if he goes further next time?
      James Steel: Alesha.
      Alesha Phillips: What if he already has?
      James Steel: If no one speaks out—
      Alesha Phillips: James, I spoke out!
      James Steel: All I have is your word against his. There's his reputation.
      Alesha Phillips: Oh, why would a Harley Street doctor want to touch up a black girl from Hackney?
      James Steel: You're making this personal.
      Alesha Phillips: It is personal, James, I was the one lying there!
      James Steel: I am as angry as you are.
      Alesha Phillips: Trust me, you're not.

    • DS Devlin: This is a doctor who likes to hurt people. Am I the only one making connections here?
      DI Chandler: We're all seeing the links, Matt, we all know he's a nasty piece of work. But we also know that Diane Perkins hasn't made any allegations, and Laura Todd's complaint was not proven.
      DS Devlin: And what about Alesha? I thought— I thought you'd understand. As a woman—
      DI Chandler: As a woman, I'd like to cut off his dick with a rusty hacksaw and ram it down his throat! As your boss, I suggest you take what you have got to Steel and see what he says.

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    • George Castle: What was Alesha thinking? Playing Nancy bloody Drew!
      Castle refers to the American teen detective who was featured in 175 books in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series by Carolyn Keene beginning in the 1930s. This spawned a number of different spin-off series and a collaboration series with the Hardy Boys.

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