Law & Order: UK

Season 2 Episode 3

Community Service

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2010 on ITV



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    • James Steel: It doesn't matter what Kirk did. Harry Morgan's actions can't go unpunished. I'll make the jury see that.
      George Castle: It could be tougher than you think. We're all potential vigilantes, deep down. If I had been through what Harry Morgan had been through, I might be tempted to have a go myself.
      James Steel: And beat a man unconscious?
      George Castle: We're all liberals until the front garden is invaded, James. The jury will be imagining what they would do in the same situation. We can't afford for Harry Morgan to become a cause célèbre, James. The last thing we want is a middle-class vigilante hero, so you go into that court and you expose him for the thug that he is.

    • Harry Morgan: Look, why am I having to defend myself? And why do you people always take their side?
      Alesha Phillips: Whose side?
      Harry Morgan: The inadequates! The people who can't function in society. What about my rights? And I'm not a bigot. I'm an architect. I read The Guardian, for crying out loud.
      Alesha Phillips: Look, I understand how desperate you must feel.
      Harry Morgan: No, you don't. [ sigh ] My son hates me because Kirk got inside his head and turned him against me, and he has made my life a living nightmare.

    • James Steel: I want to find out who did this to you.
      Roland Kirk: I wouldn't bother. The system don't work for people like me, you know that. It's for ordinary people with orderly lives, people with order in their lives, see? Don't put any trust in me, mate.

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