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Law & Order: UK....similar to same storylines reworked

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    Today I purchased one dvd set of Law & Order: UK.

    I watched all the episodes on DISC one and one on DISC two.

    I am enjoying the characters, their personalities and the humor between them.

    What was surprising was the Dick Wolf used the same stories or storylines as he has in the original L&V

    I would rather see stories that come from the news headlines and police or crime files of the UK.

    Because I have been to London, and a variety of parts of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales I hope they will include more outdoor scenery specific the the metro London area.

    My previous exposure to the English Legal System has been through Rumple of the Bailey mostly and to the police practices through a mix of British Detective shows.

    Good luck for a very long run.

    Alan in Athens, Georgia

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