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Make It Authentically English

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    [1]Aug 15, 2008
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    As a big fan of all the Law & Order shows in the US I hope the producers don't jump the shark by making an Americanised show in the form of Law & Order:UK.

    Things to watch out for - there are NO cicadas in London except occasinally near the airports if they've come in on an international flight. THey quickly die in any event.

    Sidewalks are called pavements here.

    There are NO swirling FOGS in London. Occasional mists and only very close to water.

    We don't "go do things" we "go AND do things"

    The short 'a' is a phenomenon of the Northern accents. In London we have a long 'a' in normal speech.

    NO ONE speaks like DICK VAN DYKE in Mary Poppins!!!

    There is no 'traffic circle' adjacent to the Houses of Parliament (Re. National Lampoons). And if there was it would be called a ROUNDABOUT

    What you call the subway we call the TUBE (or the Undergound) and what we call a subway you call an underpass.

    London is possibly the most cosmopolitan city in the world (yes even more than New York) so find authentic actors for ethnic roles - we have enough of them to make it possible!

    We call soccer football. Soccer is a correct term but here there is only one kind of football. That is soccer. So we call it football!

    The point is you are going to need to research this. And make the show in London. It will never be possible to do it outside the UK if it's based in the City of London.

    Please don't let us down!!!

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    [2]Sep 29, 2008
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    They've already let us down if they're even considering Bradley Walsh for a role in this!
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    [3]Feb 17, 2009
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    Yeah, make it authentically english. Have sentances of 3years for rape and murder and child abuse. Have oiks not even charged after undertaking month long campaigns of intimidation against a community of hardworking folk, and then arresting one of these folk who snap and gives one a deserved clip around the ear. London has some excellent landmarks that are ripe for being the settings of some elaborate crimes - the thought of a long swooping helicopter shot over the thames and up to the London Eye where we see Horatio Caine removing his glasses, looking exceptionally cool and saying some cutting/witty remark before The Who kicks in - well that just gives me tingles. But I just don't see how a series can work when each week the perps gets let off with barely a slap on the wrist and the injured party is arrested for fighting back.
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    [4]Feb 24, 2009
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    The show is not authentically english though is it. For one thing we dont do deals with suspects in this country well not really not like in America and secondly do u think the family of the dead baby would just have sat there and said nothing when the defendant was convicted. Come on this is just going to show the world what a poor justice system we have.
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    [5]Feb 24, 2009
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    I'm going to give it a chance but I don't even like the US crime shows, particularly Law and Order. All they do is preach and make political comments, they make a moral judgement about a person they are questioning and rip into them the way a real policeman never would. All husbands are guilty, wife beaters, all men women haters, all accidents are caused by drunk drivers, all women bitter, ex-girlfriends or sluts. Everyone is either black or white, the worse of theworst or a saint.

    The UK produces the best crime drama in the world, Wire in the blood, Silent witness, Prime suspect, Taggart, etc. This show will have to leave alot of what makes this show work in the US behind before it even comes close to being as good as these shows.

    Seriously, good luck.

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    [6]Sep 11, 2009
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    It's a very good point. I don't like things which are meant to be a certain way and then get totally ruined by bad scripts, terrible casting and a total lack of research. One example that jumps to mind is the Mini-Series "The Thorn Birds" from the 1980s. That type of total ruination is not on and I really hope that Law and Order: UK doesn't fall victim to it.
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