Law & Order: UK

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on ITV

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  • Flawless writing, fast-paced storytelling and dark twists.

    Fast-paced, gripping and character-driven storytelling which allowed viewers to glide effortlessly through a dark and extremely twisty plot. Various story seeds were sown throughout and were cleverly unravelled for the viewer as the story unfolded. Some memorable lines from the episode include:
    "What's a little provocation between friends?"
    "You might as well have congratulated her on hitting a major artery."
    "He was only meant to hide her."

    Along with the effective final court scenes, the stabbing outside the court was one of the darkest moments of the story and made for a jaw-dropping twist, leaving the viewer wanting more even before the halfway point. Simply one of the best episode of Law & Order: UK I've seen. I'm certainly looking forward to more from Emilia di Girolamo.
  • Flawless writing, topical story and breath taking twists.

    Definitely the best episode of Law & Order UK I've seen to date. The twists were breathtaking, the story relevant to a British audience and incredibly topical. The writing was flawless - so many brilliant and memorable lines. I hope this writer has written lots more because it was just brilliant. I was totally gripped every step of the way and didn't see a single thing coming. The performances from the regulars were as brilliant as always but there were also wonderful performances from David Gyasi, Anna Madeley and the marvellous Dervla Kirwan. Lets hope Dervla returns again this series to duel with James - they make great telly. Hidden was simply TV at its best.
  • Finally, Law & Order UK steps out from the shadow of its US progenitor. Emilia di Girolamo has crafted a true UK crime story, recalling the heyday of Troy and Ian Kennedy Martin.

    Finally, Law & Order UK steps out from the shadow of its US progenitor.

    The writing was peerless, making you care about the characters, while highlighting the dilemmas faced by the CPS. The twist was remarkable, ably brought to life by the ensemble cast. The actors playing the parents were particularly striking and memorable in their portrayal.

    For all the twists and turns, the story was relevant to modern day Britain.

    di Girolamo understands the criminal mind, as well as the brutalising aspects of the system, and I look forward to this writer crafting future episodes of L&O UK. However, one quibble is the one hour format - this writer deserves a longer 'play for today' format to show us what she can really do.
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