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  • All the cops lie at this show

    It's disgusting as all the cops are willing to lie no matter what at this show.

    it's disgusting...

    Also... they prosecute innocent people 65% of the times...

    It's a disgusting show
  • My hubby and I are avid fans of the L&O series and welcome each new addition. A UK version is one I never expected...

    imagine our surprise whilst hubby was cruising the channels looking for our daily fix of something to dvr in order to fill our time and make it fly (OK its REALLY boring here in Oz)..ANYWAYS..he dvr'd some episodes and WOW! Not bad..not bad at all! OK so Brits are a bit different than us...and alot of Americans may find this drowsy watching. But mind you we grew up watching Brit shows like Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Lovejoy and yes even Benny Hill.

    It is ALMOST the same as the original Law & Order which then branched to SVU, CI and now LA...and I am sure there are folks upset with those spin-offs as there are those who are upset with UK... My answer? Sit down with an open mind..give it a shot and ya never know you might find yourself saying "hey he sorta reminds me of Briscoe"... I say good job and I am glad we found you..UK version ya just might have two more American fans...
  • I've watched the original law & order since it started 20 yrs ago and all the run offs too. I love all of them.

    Ok, now the only bad thing i have to say about this show is, out of the hand full of episodes shown so far, their has been a few copied shows from the US one. Doesn't the UK have crime stories of their own? Why are they making the same stories but only with british actors? I just don't understand. The show could be so good if the stories were new, and not copied from any of the other law & orders. And I was wondering. Since this show is on BBC America, is the US the only country able to see it?
  • I am not a fan of Law & Order but it isn't only about the show. It is about the characters. It is ALWAYS abizt the characters

    Some people here complain that this is just a silly knock off of an American show and before L&O UK started I would have agreed butI have come to actually like the show. It is not exactly perfect. The characters need to be more fleshed out and and the writers need to be a bit braver but I think there is potential for the show. The main reason why I watch this show has to do with the cast. L&O UK has a really superb team and the writers need to give them material with which they can flex their acting muscles. Give the show a chance. It deserves it.
  • Uggh, so dull and boring

    I've only seen the first episode but it crawled. I sat through the whole thing but more because I'd resolved to give it a chance than out of interest. I didn't recognize a remade US episode though as I've read from others that is what it was - it just was extremely dull. Hated the supposed class divide and therefore accent shifts on display between the coppers and the Crown. Hated the subservient character Freyma plays. Hated the lead Crown attorney. Liked the older cop in the investigating couple. Thought their governor was okay. I'm giving it another chance and will watch the next few episodes and see what happens. I feel awful for Harriet Walther, Jamie Bamber and Freyma Ageyman. Hope they have other work lined up. British TV is brutal and they won't last long.
  • This show is basically just Law & Order (US) refilmed with a British cast.

    I was pleasantly surprised by this show. I am a fan of the US show (and all the spin-offs) and was expecting the UK version to be absolutely dire. In fact it was quite good.

    Apparently the plots are being recycled from the original show, but it's been so long since i've seen them now i didn't notice. Besides I think that due to the diffence in our legal and judicial systems they will be different enough that even the die hard fans will be pleased.

    And how surprising was Bradley Walsh in a "straight" role. Turns out there is a pretty good actor hiding behind the "funny man" routine
  • Not quite a match to the high quality of the US versions, but good all the same

    I'm a big fan of the Law & Order series from the US. They have done a good job in some respects on the UK version. There's a fine cast and, the main thing I was worried about as a Londoner, they haven't fallen into the trap of portraying London in the US stereotype, i.e. swirling fogs and various poorly researched things like calling the pavement the sidewalk, or having cicadas chirping at night.

    If the show falls down at all it's in the area of storyline. Relying on the winning formula of the US version, they've used some of the same stories for the episodes made here. As a result some of the elements don't ring true. We have a fraction of the murders here that you see in New York, but it's not so much that as the nature of the murders, it's the believability and likelihood of the crimes. For example, in one episode there's a body found on the flats at low tide on the Thames. The idea of someone being able to dump a body undetected near the centre of town, London having more security cameras than any other city in the world, seems quite unlikely indeed. We also have a lot less violent crime generally and I suspect that's because we have a benefits system and so fewer people are pushed to the edge, so there's less motivation for that sort of crime and also guns aren't legal here, so there are a fraction of the gun crimes that you have in New York, or anywhere else in the US.

    So overall it's good and certainly watchable, but the stories dont' really fit London's crime profile. Hopefully if it's successful they'll write some stories that do reflect the crimes that occcur here. As I understand it, in the US they base most of the stories on real life cases. They would do well to do the same here. As I write they've made about a dozen episodes. This could be a major success if they really do tailor it for our city.
  • As when "changed" I wasn't sure what to expect, but wasb't entirely enthralled with the prospect; but I'm glad I had a look...

    I feel a tad embarrassed confessing that I watch this. Mind ¡V I watch everything in the ¡§Law & Order¡¨ franchise that comes my way. I suppose that the embarrassment here is the vaguely ¡§not-quite-British¡¨ feel to the dialogue, in the manner of ¡§Waking the Dead¡¨ (for example). I also don¡¦t rate the accuracy of how the English legal system is presented (as in: I worked in it, and don¡¦t recognise it here. Mind ¡V I often don¡¦t recognise it in ¡¥home-grown¡¦ drama either, so that¡¦s hardly persuasive!). However, I'm a great believer in giving credit where it¡¦s due: just as I now approve of the ¡¥new¡¦ (ish), I have realised that not only do I watch this show, I enjoy it. Quite a bit ƒº
  • It's called Law and Order: UK. It's going to take from the original. Please keep that in mind at all times.

    In the years of following all of the Law and Order incarnations, I have to say that this series is breathing fresh air into the already stellar franchise. I'm not saying that I have any idea how it's actually in Britain, but the setting feels exclusively UK and the way they do it over there. The order is also properly balanced with their specific law process. The gritty New York sense is toned down and not missed due to the characters that only be credited as subtlely grimey in the London sense. These are counterparts of what we expect real people to be - on both sides of the water. The first season has already dealt with hard issues that I have seen before - but this time in the scope of empathy for both victims and offenders.

    The one episode that hooked me was 'Alesha'. I can't even talk about here, it's so thought-provoking and extreme. I know that people are already saying that every episode is ripped off another, yet people in reality STILL do those kinds of crimes. It'll always be fresh if you address the issue, I say.

    If you are a true Law And Order fan this one is a can't miss.
  • Boring uk knock off boring boring boring....

    one niggle is that apollo from bsg doesn't make for a convincing law and order cast member. second problem, its dull, it doesn't seem to have much style either, even the theme song is uninspired. to top it off the pilot was about as predictable as it gets, basically filler law and order material. not a good start, and the two episodes after were no better. i tried to like it but im going to have to call this one a dud.

    they probably should have done some reimagining of the concept before bringing it over the pond. it needed something fresh, this is just lazy and lost in translation
  • Basically Law & Order only in the UK.

    I love the original show, even though I am from the UK, it seemed to have something in it which sucked anyone (from anywhere) in. Knowledge of the law or the prosecution process is not essential. The fast paced dialogue, plot twists, police pressure and of course the trial itself are what makes it so great.

    The UK version has all of the above, the cast are fantastic and the "Dum-Dum" between scenes hasn't been cut out which was the icing on the cake for me! The only fault I can place on it is that the storylines were not new. I think Bradley Walsh in his role provides a professionalism and realism to the character, which (no dis-respect) suprised me. Jamie Bamber (of BSG fame) does well and gives a certain amount of freshness and youth to the cast, but my favourite has to be Bill Patterson. Straight out of the (what I feel to be under-rated) show Sea of Souls, he brings a uniquely British (and Scottish!) take on the mirror role of D.A. Jack McCoy. Wonderful!
  • All of the episodes for Law & Order: UK have been adapted from US episodes, so there will be a lot of deja vu when watching this.

    I think the first episode did a good job of adapting the original script, but it could use some improving which we should see in future episodes.

    The camera work took a bit of getting used to and the film quality is low giving it a very gritty feel. The actors were good. Ben Daniels was excellent as the senior prosecutor, but his character is obviously one of those who empathizes with the victim and fights for justice. Anyone with any experience in the legal system knows how quickly prosecutors get burnt out on that. But the man can get across more with just one look than other actors can do with an entire script.

    There was a lot of "as you know, Bob" going on in the first episode with characters explaining everything to one another. I'm hoping this will be toned down in future episodes. This show has a lot of potential and with 13 episodes we have a lot to look forward to.
  • Could have used a new story line...

    I started renting DVDs from a DVD rental site about a year ago. I saw some of the more recent episodes of the original series and decided that I wanted to watch it from the beginning. I could swear that I remember this episode plot in that series (goes and looks it up) yup I do... it's a rewrite of Season 2 ep 18 Cradle to Grave...

    Don't get me wrong, in it's own right it's a good episode, but I think they should have used an orginal plot, not one that they thought they could probably get away with as an original because it was aired 18 years ago.

    Apart from the plot I think it could be a good show... the acting is good. Before I saw it the idea of Bradley Walsh playing a gritty role made me laugh, esp when I saw him on the front covers of the TV mags.

    The rest of the roles are well cast. It has the same kind of feel as the original and even uses the same sound when switching scenes.

    I just hope that they haven't recycled any more old story lines.