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  • My hubby and I are avid fans of the L&O series and welcome each new addition. A UK version is one I never expected...

    imagine our surprise whilst hubby was cruising the channels looking for our daily fix of something to dvr in order to fill our time and make it fly (OK its REALLY boring here in Oz)..ANYWAYS..he dvr'd some episodes and WOW! Not bad..not bad at all! OK so Brits are a bit different than us...and alot of Americans may find this drowsy watching. But mind you we grew up watching Brit shows like Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Lovejoy and yes even Benny Hill.

    It is ALMOST the same as the original Law & Order which then branched to SVU, CI and now LA...and I am sure there are folks upset with those spin-offs as there are those who are upset with UK... My answer? Sit down with an open mind..give it a shot and ya never know you might find yourself saying "hey he sorta reminds me of Briscoe"... I say good job and I am glad we found you..UK version ya just might have two more American fans...