Law & Order: UK

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on ITV



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    • James Steel: What do you think gave you the right to do this?
      Mr John Reberty: Let me tell you about Darren McKenzie, because when I found he was a perfect match, I looked into his life. He ran down a young girl and killed her. Nothing good has come of Darren McKenzie on this planet, but I changed that. When his kidney went into Joanna Woodleigh, his existence had meaning, he'd done something good for the first time in his life.
      James Steel: Do you even hear what you're saying? Darren McKenzie did not volunteer to donate. You don't get to make that choice for him.
      Mr John Reberty: I get to make those choices everyday. That's what surgeons do. The system failed her. I didn't. You might think you're better than me, but you couldn't do what I do. I have lost count of the lives I have saved, whereas you, you have never made a tough decision in your life.

    • (Brooks and Devlin search a municipal rubbish site.)
      DS Devlin: Are you sure this is the right spot?
      DS Brooks: Valerie Hale's flat was on collection route number 32, and the foreman reckons this is where the 32 lorry dumps his stuff, so stop moaning and keep looking.
      DS Devlin: 'What did you do today, Matt?' 'Oh, you know, the usual — poked through 17 rat-infested flea-ridden skips in a rubbish dump.'
      DS Brooks: You know what you need, son? A bit of PMA — Positive Mental Attitude. You'd be surprised what people chuck out. That sofa bed in my spare room, for instance.
      DS Devlin: No. I've slept in that. You said that was from IKEA!
      DS Brooks: Well it was, originally, wasn't it?
      DS Devlin: I don't believe it.

    • Philip Woodleigh: I'm not going down without a fight, and I need your help, George.
      George Castle: Now, Philip, listen, I can only—
      Philip Woodleigh: I want you to defend me.
      George Castle: What? Well, that's the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard, and I go to meetings for the Home Secretary!

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