Law & Order: UK

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on ITV
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A 13-year-old boy is found kicked to death at Euston rail station. DSs Ronnie Brooks and Matt Devlin discover that the boy's mother is a reformed drug-addict whose boyfriend is suspected of physically abusing her son, and are concerned about events at the boy's foster home. When the case comes to trial, the accused is represented by James Steel's ex-girlfriend, who advances the novel line of defence that the accused was genetically predisposed towards murder.moreless

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  • Much better than the series opener.

    A better week this time around. Ben Daniels played the lead prosecution role excellently and I also thoroughly enjoyed the screen time of Paterson as his boss.

    The two cops are still less convincing, though they were definitely less "mockney" than last week. They're still very two-dimensional characters however, although it is still very early in the game. I will reserve judgment.

    The story was interesting, if not thrilling. There were no real twists in the investigation and the main focus was the interesting gene argument presented by the defense (and the possible ramifications if it became legal precedent)

    All in all, a good hours television but I think before it becomes truly engaging the audience will need to become more invested in the main characters which will not happen until they're fleshed out more.moreless
  • What an amazing portrayal of a grief-stricken mother by Nicola Stephenson. We are watching DS Brooks (Bradley Walsh) break the news to her from outside the room and it make for a powerful and heart-wrenching scene.moreless

    This episode flows very well and various aspects of Jason's sad life are revealed during the initial investigation and the proceeding trial. One really feels for all the victims in this tragic tale.

    The main characters still need to "bed down" so more, their interactions are still wooden and need to appear much more natural and off-the-cuff. I look forward to some back-story episodes to give them more rounded personalities and help the actors to start to fit into the roles. I have great hopes as the season moves on that we are going to see some first class performances that rival the US counterpart.moreless
Dervla Kirwan

Dervla Kirwan

Beatrice McArdle

Guest Star

Victor Power

Victor Power

Reverend Tony Crawford

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Danielle Tabor

Danielle Tabor

Cheryl Matthews

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Nicholas Blane

Nicholas Blane

Oswald Spear

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    • Tracy Blake [ about Jono ]: I used to think it was my fault.
      James Steel: What do you mean?
      Tracy Blake: That I wasn't a good enough mum. That I didn't deserve a kid. But that was before all this gene stuff. Now I know there was nothing I could have done. It wouldn't have made any difference. The papers are right-he's a monster.
      James Steel: Is that what you really think about your own son?
      Tracy Blake: You heard what they're saying about him: his genes are rotten. He's wrong.
      James Steel: How many months pregnant are you?
      Tracy Blake: Seven.
      James Steel: So, based on your belief in genes, we should take that baby from your arms the second it's born and lock it up.
      Tracy Blake: No!
      James Steel: Well, surely genetics dictates that your next child will be a monster, too.
      Tracy Blake: It'll be different this time. I won't make the same mistakes I made with him.
      James Steel: No further questions.

    • James Steel [ about Beatrice McArdle ]: I know her; she's up to something. That defence is way too simple.
      George Castle: Just because you two used to do the headboard shuffle, doesn't mean that you have any insight into how she runs her defences, nowadays.
      Alesha Phillipa: What, you and her?
      James Steel: Yeah, it was a long time ago. Thanks for that, George.

    • DS Brooks: Nobody has proved that Agnew was battering Danny, and even if he was, it doesn't mean he's a murderer.
      DS Devlin: But look, look at his body language. I mean, he's sitting on his hands! It's classic. He's hiding something.
      DS Brooks: Matt, what are you going to charge him with, bad posture?

    • (Bernice Bradley searches a desk covered in files and paperwork.)
      DS Ronnie Brooks: This is what I always worried the inside of my head looked like.
      Bernice Bradley [ as she hands Danny's file to him ]: One person's mess is another person's filing system.

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