Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 2 Episode 23

A Person of Interest

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 18, 2003 on USA

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  • Well-written and acted.

    This episode gives a really good look into the mind of Det. Goren. Nicole Wallace has to be the best adversary he's faced and the two play so well off of each other.

    Vincent d'Onofrio does a superb job of showing the frustration of dealing with someone like Nicole. You can practically feel it coming from the set. It's good to see the human side of these people and not just dry detective work. The one flaw (and it sticks out like a sore thumb) is that one of the characters refers to "the virus". Anthrax is caused by a bacterium, not a virus.
  • Detective Goren is accused of instigating the supposed suicide of a murder suspect, but the plot unravels, as many fine CI plots do, to reveal a completely different, more sinister suspect.

    Although I've been a fan of CI for years, I somehow managed to not see this episode until tonight. I saw Nicole Wallace's dramatic entrance to the series, and saw her weighted exit, but "Person of Interest" is the real meat behind the story of the hero and his anti-thesis. I believe I caught this one at the perfect moment, already in love with the character of Robert Goren and always eager for the infrequent insights into his past, and understanding much of his attraction/revulsion for Nicole. If anything, this episode made me respect Nicole even more, for her calculative, so-far infallible shrewdness...absolutely the perfect foil for Goren. This episode was riddled with nail-biting, heart-wrenching scenes...more of the real Robert Goren than anything before or since. Emotion, from a strange angle of human perspective.
  • An ex Air Force nurse is found murdered and she appeared to be have been selling anthrax boosters to who knows who. The detectives are faced with a possible terrorist plot, but wait! Even worse than mass murder is the deadly damsel Nicole.

    What could have been a riveting storyline, that of a mistakenly avenging detective usurping his own good judgment, resulting in a suspect's suicide, became very sticky schlock as a result of the Nicole Wallace nonsense.

    The man who falls under suspicion for the nurse's death and the anthrax scare is a pretentious lout whose puffed up ego has him allowing folks to call him 'Doctor', when he ain't. He's just, in Goren's words, "a lab rat" and Bobby "knows his type". Mr. Arrogant Pompousity is also a deadbeat dad, a sin which Goren deeply detests, based on his own dad's failings.

    Evidence is strongly pointing to the loudmouth as a misfit with a terror hit list, and after mega macho posturing with Goren (and some shrill threats fit for a fishwife), a press conference, and bombastic speeches that he can't be victimized, the suspect goes and uhh.....victimizes himself at the end of a noose.

    This 'person of interest' hardly seemed the type to go the hemlock route. In fact, he'd be more apt to drive others to suicide than commit it himself. When it turns out he was not guilty of much beyond deadbeatism and terminal obnoxiousness, poor Bobby is left looking like the vigilante cop whose own issues sent him on a crazed vendetta. "Man hounded to death by ruthless and incompetent detective!" screams the tabloid headline.

    But not to worry! The man driven to suicide (and of course, he wasn't REALLY...Ms. Archcriminal strung him up ) was just part of a fantastically plotted jihad by Ms Wallace, whose motivation is getting back at Bobby for the mean things he said to her at their last meeting. Sob.

    Of course, the storyline ends with another of those charming 'tit for tat' sessions between Goren and Nicole, in which they trade deep psychic wounds like so many jelly beans. And of course, the good boy gets the goods on the bad girl once again.

    I don't know. The one watch-worthy aspect here was the V D'O histrionics, the yelling, wall punching, screaming, baiting, table pounding, and various other testosterone laden antics. Also adorable was the defeated look on his sweet little cherub face when he learns of the suicide, boo hoo! It was fun seeing Goren fairly out of control, even though it was not believable for one darn second. And his scenes with Wallace were tantalizing if only because they are both such beautiful people, and their animosity, we suspect, may indicate some serious sexual attraction, even if Bobby sneers "don't flatter yourself" when Nicole suggests he's hot for her.

    I like D'Abo, if only because female sex appeal appears anathema on CI. She is simply lucious. As any other believable villain, she'd be tops. But her character defies credibility to such a degree, that even what minor chemistry she can unleash with Goren becomes wink-groan-sigh suds.

    Even worse, the Goren character has to take an incredibility bath to serve her persona and level of evil.

    Yes, we know Goren dislikes dead beats, yes, we know he's sitting on top of a load of potentially explosive emotions. But if there has been no sign for two seasons that he is apt to forget his training, abandon his cerebral approach, and turn into a mess of goo over an unsigned health insurance form, then how oh how could he be set up so quickly and accurately by Ms. Mastermind?
  • Gotta love misdirection

    Another great episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. When Goren and Eames begin to investigate a homicide of a young girl in a bathroom, all the evidence points in the direction of a middle aged man. Trusting of his own hunches, Goren leans into him, only to find out shortly afterwards that the suspect has hung himself in the bathroom. As bad press and Gorens own self-effacing uncertainty take their toll, an old nemisis from the past, Nicole Wallace, taunts him in a local restaraunt. After some investigation they find that the past evidence had been set up, Nicole had wanted to frame Goren, or discredit his deductive abilities. Ends in a great conversation between Goren and Wallace in which a lot of character detail comes to the fore. Quite a good episode, though they're starting to use Nicole a little much as of late. A nemesis works fine for a few occurences, and becomes redundant after that. This, being her second appearance, leaves her character fresh and wonderfully deviant. Well work the 45 minute watching time.
  • Nicole is back and more vicious than ever. With many tricks and twists up her sleeve. This time it\'s revenge on Robert Goren.

    This episode is one of the best. Nicole is back. Back to ruin Goren\'s reputation and self confidence. Nicole hits all the emotional, painful marks in Goren\'s life. She makes it out that Bobby drove Dr. Croyden to suicide because of Croyden\'s past. Which hits Goren close to home. His perspective and self confidence are truly shooken. It\'s heart wrenching and tear jerking. Her approach to him is in Sal\'s Restaurant and hits him with the most awful, heart breaking remarks. He then soon discovers that she has a surprise for him. This episode was truly amazing and filled with the best plots.
  • Nicole Wallace returns with the intent to ruin Goren's reputation and self-confidence.

    This is by far my favorite episode of this series. Goren and Wallace's clashes are my favorite part of the series, and this is the best example of that because Nicole hits Goren exponentially harder than usual (emotionally) when she makes it look as if Goren drove Dr. Croyden to suicide. The look on Goren's face when he first thought that Croyden's death was his fault nearly made me cry, it was so poignant. This is really the only episode in which Goren's confidence in his perceptions is truly shaken, and it's heartbreaking to watch. Even better is when Nicole pops out of the woodwork and starts gloating at a restaurant, while Goren watches her with the most heatbreakingly hollow look in his eyes. Concisely, this is the most emotionally charged episode of this show, and I truly wish they would run it weekly.
  • Nicole Wallace is no Lex Luthor

    I love this series but about half way through I am leary to hear those words. AHHHHHHHHH Nicole Wallace. Interesting plot in this one, Goren drives an innocent man to suicide because of his hatred of dead beat dads. Wow how is he gonna handle it. AAHHHHHHHHHH Nicole Wallace. The jet setting criminal from Australlia who swoops down to visit \\\"Bobby\\\". She can manipulate anyone, commit any crime, and get away with it. How does she pay for all this?? Ah no explanation. We know she isnt gonna get caught so what is the pay off? The showdown in the interrogation room were Nicole and Bobby probe each others minds. Boring. Nicole Wallace=next channel Too bad Dectective Goren is one of the most interesting characters on TV in a long time. Why did his nemesis have to be as intersting as a rice cake
  • SHe is back and now can't be deported oh what fun is this charecter

    THe every drawling pursuit of Evil. That is what RObert Goren is after and it this case it's cleverest deciple is making him look like a fool. THis is it Bobby Goren verus Nicole Wallace who as she is the modern day version of Irene Adler has found her Jeffery Norton (FOr those who do not know what I am talking about read Sherlock HOlmes) I love it. THe sexual tension, the light verus the dark and We don't want her dead. FAns of the show want Nicole Wallace around as much as is literaly and humanly possible for the glory that is LAw and Order