Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 5 Episode 5

Acts of Contrition

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on USA
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Episode Summary

When a nun is murdered in a church, Goren and Eames believe that someone has tried to cover up part of the crime. Their investigation leads them to a young man named Eddie Roberts, a hidden identity, and a 17-year-old motive.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Catholic Guilt: It Gets You Every Time

    Several plot twists in this one. The intriguing part to me was when Goren, as expected, felt Sister Olivia/Angie was an innocent bystander and has more than atoned for her error. After finding out that she was more than just a spectator in the beating, however, he seems to revise his feeling and begins to accept the fact that she was just as guilty as the others involved.

    Oh, and the stepfather was played by George Loros!moreless
  • It's Nun of Your Buisness!

    Haha, I think that was a pretty clever title. Anyways, now to the episode.

    This was the best episode of a Law & Order show that I have ever seen. It was a great story. And even once they found out who killed the nun, they uncovered something eles intirely, and they just have to figure out what it is.

    Now, I think the woman who plays Sister Olivia should have won an award, because she was amazing! I thought she was good through most the episode, but that last scene was beautiful. Normally when people cry on TV or in movies, people cry and still look beautiful, and you can still understand them, and there's just a single tear rolling down their cheeks, but with Sister Olivia, she was shaking, and hyperventalating, and mumble under her breath, and then a loud burst, and it was a beautiful scene.

    Way to go Law & Order: Criminal Intent! :)moreless
  • Not a great episode but a fine attempt.

    The episode was ok but you had to see the nun's involvement coming from a mile away. The murderer taking care of his disabled brother broke my heart. I liked that the DA had sympathy for the normal brother and offered to help him when the diabled brother passed away.
  • A nun is killed in a church. Another nun holds the key.

    OMG. This episode was very emotional for me. I try to put myself in the character's place. The boy who thought he was meeting his girlfriend, instead was meeting his death (no matter when he actually dies, his life ended that night). The brother who cared for him for 17 years and wanting revenge on the people who did that to him. The girl who helped the attackers, then came to regret her actions and lived her life to serve and help others in order to try to atone for her past. You could kind of tell that Sister Olivia had a past in the way she said to Det. Goren "You don't know me", or something like that. She definetly had a street-punk kind of vibe at that moment.The scene of Angie's confession (to more than one authority) brought me to tears, especially her words to Sister Dorothy.moreless
  • Perhaps TOO much focus on this original storyline.

    Unlike all the other Criminal Intent episodes, this episode didn't have a factor that really pulled me in from the beginning. The story line was an original idea, but it grew tired as the episode progressed.

    To my surprise, Goren barely even spoke in the episode. There weren't any of his special detective manuevers or anything like that, either.

    It just wasn't that good compared to the rest of the Criminal Intent episodes. I gave it some points for the original storyline, which ran out of gas quickly, though.moreless
Susan Misner

Susan Misner

Sister Olivia

Guest Star

Marc Aden Gray

Marc Aden Gray

Father Manning

Guest Star

Amy Wright

Amy Wright

Sister Dorothy

Guest Star

Leslie Hendrix

Leslie Hendrix

Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Sister Dorothy can be seen hiding behind a church pillar before she walks forward and gets knocked down by the confessional door.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Alex Eames: (Carver) You were right. There's never enough truth.
      Robert Goren: Or enough justice.

    • Robert Goren: It had to be something powerful to drive him to spend the last year and a half searching for medical databases.
      A.D.A. Carver: I'll rely on your own obsessiveness to find out what that thing is, Detective.

    • Robert Goren: The speculation is that she maybe died from an overdose.
      Alex Eames: I don't know about died, but maybe gone to Heaven.

    • Robert Goren: Come on, counselor. How much truth do you need for Justice here?

    • Alex Eames: Everything about him is off. He can't look me in the eye. He talks about himself in the third person.
      A.D.A. Carver: Another eccentric New Yorker.

    • Eddie Roberts: Eddie Roberts is happily single; it's the only way to get things done.
      Alex Eames: Alex Eames says he's a big phony.

    • James Deakins: Black shirt, white shirt. Saturn Boy has got a few loose rings floatin' around his head.

  • NOTES (1)


    • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the Cedric Sandiford, Timothy Grimes and Michael Griffith attacks. In 1986, the three young African-American men were in Howard Beach, a predominantly white neighborhood, when their car broke down. After stopping for dinner at a local pizza parlor, the three men were accosted by a group of ten young white locals brandishing baseball bats. Grimes and Sandiford were able to escape, but when Griffith ran out into the street to get away from his attackers, he was struck by a car and killed. Scott Kern, Jon Lester and Jason Ladone were convicted of second degree manslaughter and first degree assault, and Michael Pirone was acquitted of all charges.