Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 6 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2007 on USA
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Episode Summary

A candidate for the next mayor of New York could see her election hopes dashed when Goren and Eames investigate her husband on suspicion of murder.

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  • Recurring song on Albatross episode of Law and Order Criminal Intent

    Does anyone know the title of that song?
  • Another diversion from the classic Goren and Eames

    (spoilers here)

    A stellar performance from Donna Murphy as the upstanding wife of a cad is the best of this episode. Acting and production values are very good here, but Goren and Eames are not written as Holmes and Watson, as was also the case in the disappointing "The War at Home". Too bad. The blow-torch brilliance of Goren's intellect supported ably by Erbe's sterling portrayal of the appreciative and insightful partner is again undermined by pedestrian writing by Marsha Norman. This plot is just like 100 others on TV today; just better acted and produced.

    I don't know what Dick Wolf is up to, perhaps he's tired of all the Law & Order series, but the writing recently in all has been well-below par. It would be better if some of the original writers, such as the stellar Stephanie Sengupta, were brought in to show the current batch of uninspired underachievers "how it's done".

    For example, a terrific chance to show Goren's Holmesian observational powers, namely, how and where the sniper worked, is rushed and handed off to a dry CSU with only side-comments by Goren.

    When the garrote is found on the husband, Goren does NOT immediately suspect a plant / frame-up. These are clearly writers who do not read Sherlock Holmes, and are unaware of the preceeding 5 years of character development for Goren and Eames. That's just lazy.moreless
  • Good, but I predicted the ending.

    Normally I can predict the ending of a good crime show, but it usually is closer to the ending than I did with this episode. It took about fifteen minutes for me to determine who had done it, and another five on why. Don't get me wrong, it was a great episode, but it wasn't the greates episode ever. I like the way that they solve the case, and that you have a hard time determining who did what. But I also like dramatic episodes. I would say that this is a great episode to watch, but not the greatest of the series.moreless
  • Average and still great episode.

    This episode had some highs and lows. I was disappointed in the fact that they didn't have much of classic CI "thinking" expecially for Goren. It just seemed either they made him to quiet or there was nothing major to "think" about on the case. Personally I think the charectors where "bored" in a sense. Yah and I miss the "theme sound" what up with that? I know adding a bit of music to catch interest is one thing but I rather they not change the "whole" of the show.

    On to the good points. I loved the bar scene and but her reply was kind of sad. They have a great friendship and partenership it would be a shame if they change that! I can understand some growth but please oh please don't mess with what is good/great. I noticed they mentioned Goren's mom a lot but nothing major, wonder what is going to come of that? I did like the fact that Ross played a actually "police" role for a change. Last time we saw him actually do was the bust at the train station and a little in "weeping willow." And see to him and at least part of his family and some of his past times instead of always seeing him as a "harda**" fighting with Goren. And this time he was not on Goren's case but Ems instead but not overbearing but telling her to keep her mind open. She was over emotional in some parts so it leads me to wonder what how they plan on playing this out or if it was one time deal.

    Over all while yes predictable was a good show. I just don't am not sure about core changes to the show. The show was a success just as it was, heck it was loved for it. It would be shame to change too much and loss the core of it. Here is crossing my fingers.moreless
Donna Murphy

Donna Murphy

Maureen Pagolis

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Xander Berkeley

Xander Berkeley

George Pagolis

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Mike Colter

Mike Colter

Dave Oldren

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Geneva Carr

Geneva Carr

Faith Yancy

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Nitpick: One of the prospective assassins claims he was asked if he had a problem killing a judge, but the judge was not supposed to be the target.

    • Nitpick: George Pagolis tells a story about Joe E. Lewis having his throat cut by a mobster who didn't like a joke he told about a consort. Joe E. Lewis was indeed assaulted by a mobster, but not about a joke he told. He was assaulted over a conflict about an exclusive contract.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Robert Goren: Does your wife mind you having so many… you know, beautiful female friends?
      George Pagolis: My wife's booked eight nights a week, you know?

    • Robert Goren: Do you know anyone who might want you dead, Mr. Pagolis?
      George Pagolis: Yeah. I do. Next question.

    • Alex Eames: (of George Pagolis) You get the feeling there's a long list of people who'd want this jerk dead?
      Robert Goren: No one keeps better track of their enemies than a politician.

    • Alex Eames: Best shot of the killer's life, and he hit the wrong guy.

    • Alex Eames: How come Maureen stays married to Pagolis, no matter how many times he cheats on her, or gets indicted?
      Robert Goren: Like my mother would say, you know, if she stays in it, she must get something out of it.

    • Robert Goren: (picks up a magazine at the sniper's apartment) Looks like our sniper's name is Steve Gilteri. He likes mysteries.
      Alex Eames: Now he gets to be in one.

    • Robert Goren: We're detectives. We don't stalk.

    • Alex Eames: A woman politician taking the fall for her corrupt husband. You never see it go the other way.

  • NOTES (2)


    • The title appears to refer to the albatross symbolism that is central in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It is from this poem that the usage of albatross as a metaphor is derived; someone with a burden or obstacle is said to have "an albatross around their neck," the punishment given in the poem to the mariner who killed the albatross.

    • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the recent scandals involving Al and Jeanine Pirro.