Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on USA

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  • Anti-Thesis is a cleverly plotted story/episode. It has many twists, turns, and shocking discoveries. There are many suspects and many fingers to point at. But one thing that deceives us is the beautiful and charming Elizabeth Hitchens, who is really Nico

    Anti-Thesis was an amazing episode in my opinion. It kept me guessing and left me in awe. It\'s one of my favorites, though I love all the episodes, but this one was quite the shocker. An innocent looking woman, who has a deep secret to conceal from the world around her. She\'s smart, cunning, and clever. First, it seems she loves Mark, but later you see that she doesn\'t want anything to do with him. Just use him as her little puppet. You then see that she gives an affectionate kiss to Christine, and now you know that there is something going on and that she has to be part of it. The interrogation scene is quite intense. Goren tries to prove that she is not Elizabeth Hitchens, but the evil Nicole Wallace. He says, \"If you really are Elizabeth Hitchens, just tell me the educational foundation in Melbourne! Look I don\'t have it in my papers.\" But she\'s so clever and so smart that she turns the tables and starts asking him the questions, personal questions. Like, \"Tell me Robert. How often do you get up to the Carmel Ridge Center?\" And, \"How old were you when you first realized it?\" But he\'s smart enough to know when to stop. This is one of best episodes. The ending let\'s us know that she\'ll be back with more evil tricks and twists.