Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on USA

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  • The murders of a university president and his assistant lead the detectives to a visitng professor who turns out to be an evil 'international' criminal.

    A labyrinthian plot, but since the setting was the Ivory Tower, it was fitting. Some stereotypical, but germ-of-truth charcterization in the near breakdown doctoral candidate, gradually losing it as the dissertation drags on - five extensions/ten years, LOL! Hell on earth is spelled A-B-D.

    And of course, the ex-radical, charismatic prof. threatening lawsuit if he's not promoted.
    De rigeur for any look into academia.

    The visiting professor Elizabteth Hitchens was somewhat more intriguing, if merely because she's not a frump. Pretty enough to initally bring out the little boy in Bobby, (D'Onofrio's patented smile-scowl-blush-sulk-pout-smile flirtation syndrome) until she turns out to be, err, Nicole Wallace.

    "The big detective is smart" says Nicole, and sure enough, he busts her accent, relationship with the unfortunate 'idiot' PH D candidate, shot at a permanent position and tenure, sexual relationship with new female chair, real identity and past crimes, and of course, current misdeeds, including the peanut oil based offing of the misguided dissertationist - well, at least he avoided his defense.

    I'd call that "smart".

    Bobby's pretty cute as a backrow American lit student, tho, giving his takes on Melville, overflowing his desk and legs straddling the aisle. He can attend Firefligh's classes anytime. I see extra credit assignment ops aplenty.

    But frankly, after reading and hearing so much about the chemistry between Goren and Wallace, and expecting the blonde bisexual criminal to literally smoulder off the small screen, this one was rather disappointing. The plot and acting were fine - but the overall effect didn't live up to its billing as the launching of a great and worthy nemesis. And totally ridiculous that Goren would have answered even ONE question of Nicole's after she deviously researched his background, much less bartered away psychic wounds in some quid pro quo game of darts.

    Best quote: "Academics are so vicious...because the stakes are so low". :)