Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2002 on USA

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  • .. a favorite quote-


    this is the episode I imagine I hear 'Bobby' state who he is.. "the dogged unrelenting pursuit of evil." and then the fascinating-like-a-snake Nicole's retort, "man's unrelenting pursuit of his own potency", so revealing- goodness vs power/evil, right there. in the air- between them. (Moby Dick as mini-Rorscharch test..) before they even know what they're individually capable of. this quote is also why I feel 'Bobby Goren' is more akin to Sir Galahad (!) than to Sherlock Holmes: Holmes has a breadth of knowledge that astounds.. but he is detached; not moved by outrage, compassion, love of his fellow human being. Watson is Holmes' humane bridge to the world.. but Goren is more than a quirky, far-reaching, probing mind. he proves himself incorruptible- and (doggedly, unrelentingly) driven to pursue evil. (I am not a t.v. watcher but am renting this series, disc by disc, hungrily, from Netflix and enjoying the hell out of it!)