Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2001 on USA



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    • Robert Goren: That's one explanation for their behavior.
      James Eakins: Why don't you find the explanation that works for you.

    • Alex Eames: Popular opinion's got this pegged as a murder-suicide.
      Robert Goren: Well, never trust opinion polls.

    • Robert Goren: Right! It's a Monet. It's all in the lighting.

    • Robert Goren: Impressionists are too pretty.
      Alex Eames: Right. You probably like those sweaty, naked people in the next room.
      Robert Goren: Lucien Freud. As a matter of fact, I do.
      Alex Eames: You can't put that stuff in your home. You can't live with it.
      Robert Goren: Well, I'm not interested in living with it. I'm interested in... thinking about it.

    • Sylvia Moon: You don't know what it's like!
      Robert Goren: What, to work so hard?
      Sylvia Moon: Yes.
      Robert Goren: And still be a nobody.
      Sylvia Moon: Yes.
      Robert Goren: Welcome to the human race.

    • Rudy Langer: Americans have no idea what art is anymore.

    • Alex Eames: Americans are also impressed with other things, like subpoenas. We'd be glad to show you how impressive they can be.

    • Robert Goren: Apparently Annie thought your exquisite Monet might be an exquisite fake.

    • James Deakins: All my favorite theories shot to hell in sixty seconds.

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  • Allusions

    • Robert Goren: Did you know that there's an original Salvador Dali hanging at Rikers Island? He donated it in the '60s.

      The painting referenced was an untitled paint and charcoal sketch of the crucifixion donated by Salvador Dali in 1965 for the prison dining area, as an apology for being too sick to fulfill his promise to attend an art workshop at the prison. It was hung in various sites within the prison until March, 2003, when it was stolen by a group of prison officers, and later reportedly destroyed in a panic by the former superintendent who masterminded the theft. No proof of the destruction or a black market sale has been found to date.