Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 8 Episode 6

Astoria Helen

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 31, 2009 on USA
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A charismatic scam artist lures a single mother into an armored car heist, but when one of the crew turns up murdered Wheeler and Nichols are left to piece the puzzle together.

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  • Had us guessing...

    A very good episode as the Jeff Goldblum character starts to grow on me (I wasn't too sure at first about him). I thought for sure Helen was behind all this and indeed the writers certainly could have gone in that direction, maybe even including the murderer's mother more than they did but I'll take it as it was presented. Good comraderie between the Goldblum and the captain who still can't quite figure him out (join the crowd!). Good bit of deceit by Nichols at the end to convince the guilty party to give in and avoid a bad situatioin.moreless
  • My mistake...I figured it out :)

    My mistake...I figured it out :) The actress played Logans Nurse girlfriend in a 2005 episode. And was in a 1997 Law and Order when she played the widow of a rich old man. She ended up setting up her mother, who actually did the murder. The police came in a grabbed her MOM in the restaurant. The mother told her daughter, "Your as dumb as a sack of hair" Great episode!! :) I knew she looked familiar. Darn, have to keep typing it's not 100 words yet....... Tesing one two three......moreless
  • When a van explodes and a man is killed Nichols and Wheeler are brought in to piece together what happened. The murder is tied to an armor vehicle heist and the list of suspects includes the owner of the van and a bar tender that was presumed dead.moreless

    The best of the Goldblum episodes so far. There is a patter growing between Nichols and Wheeler as well as the relationship with Captain Ross, Some funny digs on how Nichols finishes Ross' sentences and then later on when Wheeler says, "So are you going to start finishing my sentences too?" Also when Goldblum leaves the room when Wheeler and the mother(Helen Bramer) of the young boy are in the room he is pleasantly surprised by Wheelers depth in the interrogation without him. As he says in the end something about you too when Wheeler compliments him on his cognitive skills.

    Joe Gallagher the bartender who manipulated the woman Helen Bramer and got the armored vehicle schedule off her computer and Frank Stroop the man who had owned the van used in the robbery and reported it stolen were both pieces of work. They never really substantiated why Frank had killed their other partner and why Joe pretended to die using a homeless mans body in a fire because he thought Frank would kill him? Some loose ends no doubt but a pretty solid L&O:CI in general. I enjoyed the plot and how the detectives piece the final puzzle together. The use of the information board was excellent and how they kept coming back to that to put the pieces together. The partners seem much more like partners now as well. The part with Frank's father was well done and then the exhuming of supposedly Joe's body and the discoveries made really built the story up to be very realistic.

    Overall a very good episode I would watch again.moreless
Creighton James

Creighton James

Joe Gallagher

Guest Star

Mia Barron

Mia Barron

CSU Tech

Guest Star

Arija Bareikis

Arija Bareikis

Helen Bramer

Guest Star

Leslie Hendrix

Leslie Hendrix

Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

Recurring Role

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    • Zach Nichols: You know what they say, the mind is a relevance-making machine.
      Megan Wheeler: It's a good thing your mind works that way.
      Zach Nichols: Yours, too.

    • Zach Nichols: (about Helen Bramer) Look at her. Look at Leo Cipriotti. You wonder why she'd even want to go for a drink with this guy. Bet she always picks the wrong guy. Probably insufficiently praised as a child. Gives the attachment problems.
      Megan Wheeler: Were you insufficiently praised as a child?
      Zach Nichols: No, they praised me all the time (slight pause) which backfired and made me think too much of myself.
      Megan Wheeler: You over that?
      Zach Nichols: I'm workin' on it.

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