Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2005 on USA

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  • A beautiful wife with an active social life wakes up to find herself a 'beast'. Turns out her dentist hubby has a jealous streak and a history of using dioxin to rid himself of his womenfolk. Goren and Eames know intentional poisoning when they see it.

    Gee, death by cloracne, that qualifies as 'adventurous'. The victim had an overseas lover and a husband who was suspicious of her extra-curriculars. One of them was cyber-luvvin while coke snortin with the British bf (whose touch wasn't "dental", ok), but this time around the drug was, uhh, taken thru an alternative channel and it wasn't purely coca based either.

    The things they cut it with these days.

    And if the hubby isn't vindictive enough, the sister of his first victim would make Lady Macbeth look like Tinkerbell.

    Watch out for jealous husbands is the morale of the story, and maybe even those who are green with envy over their wives' magnificent obsessions with handsome tv cops. :)

    Yeah, VD'O in that dark blue shirt and charcoal gray suit....would turn any woman into a raging beast. Oh so cute in the pub quiz scene, giving his grateful partner all the answers. Sososososo cute!

    Very adorable smirk in the 'dial-a-dope' scene, as well. But I think he had a head cold towards the end.
  • Very good episode.

    This was probably the first episode i completely watched for Criminal Intent and i thought it was great. the story was complex and intresting and i really enjoyed it. This episode was about a woman who gets a blister thing on her face, the team come in and investigate but cannot work out who is too blame. Anyway after some time it appears the husband is to blame, but only when he is arrested is it then do we find out who the real killer is. The victims best frined who was madly in love with her best friends husband. I thought this episode had a good twist i'm gonna stick with it.