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Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 2 Episode 19

Cherry Red

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2003 on USA

Episode Fan Reviews (3)

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  • I really like this episode it showed some of what Goren is made of. I think it has some real in site into Bobby and his childhood. I think his love and his hate for his father comes out in this episode.

    This episode started out kind of slow but I always like to peek into Goren’s head. That’s all you ever get is a little peek and I think is a good one. The fatherhood issue is always a tough one for Bobby but when the DA starts to play with the toy cars and Alex asks "are you two having a play date?" Goren has also had more than one connection to cars in episodes. I don't recall the episode but he tell "Alex have to call one of my friends" to which she replies "I never get tired of meeting your friends". You get the feeling the grease monkey might have been an informant when Goren was with the CIA (I think it was, if I am wrong please E-mail me) because he say’s “I still can’t get used to seeing you in a suit.” The comment about not being able to tell the bad guy how it felt to sit in that car in mixed company. I laughed my butt off. Goren also says that he had a girl friend that had cats. I don’t remember many references to Goren’s old girl friends. Anyway I loved this episode.
  • An old woman dies alone in a fire, and a young woman who sincerely befriended the victim expects to inherit. She is bequeathed just a small silver memento, complains, and ends up dead. The detectives must learn why, and who benefited from both deaths.

    The young woman appears to have fallen down the stairs due to a loose handrail, which would make it a negligent homicide. But Bobby judges her fall down the stairwell a push.

    The victim's credit card bills make it look as if she were over spending, and the silver memento in her apartment makes her appear a thief. Her need for money came from her mother's nursing home bills. The old woman had over two and a hal mil in bearer bonds, and the young victim had cashed a small one a few months earlier. Evidence consistently points to her culpability in the old lady's death.

    It's either (A) guilt or (B) a class set-up, and of course, the detectives aren't long in the dark. They are led by the old lady's nephew to a government employee who is charged with overseeing the old lady's estate liquidation. No will is in evidence and Eames strongly feels 'a cat lover like her' would have had one, (if just to see her pets were cared for).

    It's Roger the gov. employee, saddled with a nasty, cranky, demanding father who has been driving him nuts, who has been playing fast and loose with the estate, will, bonds...and apparently not the first time.

    So Roger turns out to be a car nut, and the detectives find a storage unit that housed six vehicles. Bobby muses from the tred marks and singular oil spots on the floor that Roger just sat behind the wheels of his cars, "like a kid".

    When they do locate the very expensive vehicles it puts the kibosh on Roger - we're looking at way more than any model-car-building civil servant will earn in a lifetime.

    Yep, ole Roger has been plundering estate after estate after estate, but not until the old lady did he actually commit murder, as she had a will he needed to destroy. She really had to go because Rog was obsessively after car #7, a 2 1/2 million baby. His unquenchable auto lust did him in.

    Yes, he set fire to the elderly woman's apartment, but it was his sick and repellant dad who framed and killed the girl who should have inherited. It'd be tough if sonny went to jail...no one to make miserable anymore.

    Nothing special in plot development or guest acting in this one, but BG briefly talks FOOTBALL!! with the perp's grumpy dad (whose yucky relationship with his son Goren exploits in the inevitable breakdown scene), and a primo piece de resistance exists in the "Cherry Red' car scene, (that VD'O photo all over the net)in which Bobby grooves behind the wheel of a 1962 Ferrari GTO, "only 32 ever made". "That little wet dream", BG calls it. "The intoxicating smell of Italian leather."I wish I could tell you how this feels, but I can't tell you in mixed company"

    LOL! Boys and their toys.

    Which brings us to the best Goren line EVER (uttered twice): "I think I need to get inside".
  • Cherry red

    An elderly woman gets kille din a fire and the woman who gets her things subsequentyly dies. Found out she had a kin. Believed he's the one who killed the elderly woman. The man who deals with dead peoples things who doesn't have a will is stealing thse peoples things. Found place for 6 cars in a storage room. Man had an obsession with cars. Killed the elderly woman because she was rich and had the money he needed to buy a Farrari that cost 2 1/2 million. Man used his fathers urine to kill Mrs. Batchholder. Man's father killed the woman.