Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2004 on USA

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  • Emotional

    John Savage as Farrell makes this episode happen. The whole episode is geared towards one of the best finales of this show. Full of fear, emotion and guilt, the feeling of resonance is as much as it can get for 45mins.

    The subject matter will get you interested and feeling sympathy for the victim. AS it is naturally contrived it works twice as much to do so and you will go through the episode with a real desire to see justice done.

    Locations are barely above avg., with really the hospital room where the lady in vegetative state is, the only place that that is truly needed to set the scene for the plot and help crank up emotional levels.

    That said the story is fairly benign, if it werent for Savage's and DeOnofrio's onscreen duel would probably be a 6.? mark.

    Still for me a very watchable episode.
  • A neurologist who has been working on a way to communicate with vegetative-state patients is murdered. Who felt so threatened by her yet-to- be-proven technique that the bugs couldn't be worked out? The enquiring minds of Goren and Eames want to know.

    Very interesting epi. John Savage stars as the husband of a woman in a long state of low brain activity. He is the doctor's murderer.

    Although the doc's work is just in its preliminary stages, she seeks to prove that a coma is just another state of consciousness, and a much more active one than believed.

    That isn't exactly good news for a man who put his wife into her state years before, (a condition intentionally chosen over her death for monetary reasons...10 mil of embezzled monies invested in a trust fund), and who is at war with intermittently both his stepson and his in-laws over the woman's fate.

    The turn-the-perp final in this one is a riot.

    The young colleague of the dead doc aids the detectives in one of their typical fibacious set-ups. Goren fires questions at the comatose (for lack of a leaner adjective) woman at a lightning pace (you couldn't keep up with him if you were on crank, but the poor woman is supposedly catching every word), and by following her wandering eyes left, right, or straight ahead, her answers can he gauged.

    Well, of course, her eyes are all over the place, but the researcher's quick witted evaluations and Goren's rapid fire inquisition convince the Savage character his wife can indeed hear, respond in her own way, and incriminate him. She bags her old man, just like Bobby planned. LOL!

    That the hubby, an intelligent man, believes this, against all common sense and understanding of her condition, is much more a product of his long years of guilt and current trepidation than it is of any sudden belief in the ability of folks in a vegetative state to give legal depositions. Later you know he is just gonna feel like the world biggest idiot, unless, that is, he is willing to admit that he was just ready to be punished.

    The epi does superficially fuel some meandering about the nature and extent of consciousness, but the main aim is entertainment and this one does engage.

    Note: Doctors, good or evil, seem to figure disproportionately into the victim list on CI. Perhaps the producers/writers need to hear the old, bad joke again that goes:

    "You have a doctor, a lawyer, a banker, and a gun with just two bullets. Who do you shoot?"

    "You shoot the lawyer twice to make sure he's dead".

    Hats off for resisting the barrister-bashing American tradition, but more dead lawyers in the future, please. Even if they don't make as sympathetic victims, they do have pasts that can feed a lengthy suspect list.