Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2002 on USA



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    • (Discussing a murder victim.)
      Robert Goren:: Alimony orders. Feldman was pulling down $700,000 a year, and the judge awarded Mrs. Feldman $1,000 a month. Out of five million in community assets, Mrs. Feldman gets $300,000.
      Alex Eames: Who is this judge, the Honorable O.J.?

    • Alex Eames: (about the murder of a soon-to-be-divorced man) I guess the custody issue's been worked out.

    • Ron Carver: (to Webb's lawyer) Your client's not insane, he's in love. Maybe it's hard to tell the two apart, but the law can.

    • (Goren has been staring at him for the past ten minutes.)
      Dr. Webb: Could somebody please tell him to stop looking at me?

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  • Allusions

    • Robert Goren: (referencing a child molestation case) What about the Special Victims Unit?
      This, of course, is a reference to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a L&O spin-off about New York City detectives who specialize in cases involving sex crimes and crimes involving children.

    • The episode title, "Crazy", refers to the insanity defense the episode's main suspect attempted to use. The term might also refer to the Willie Nelson song "Crazy" (most famously covered by Patsy Cline), which includes the lyric "I'm crazy for loving you!", as the main suspect's motive for hiring a hit man was love.

    • Dr. Webb: The Party can see everything.

      This is a reference to the book 1984 written by George Orwell. In it, the Party is a dictatorial group that controls futuristic Britain. The Party keeps constant tabs on people with audio and video surveillance everywhere.

    • There's a scene in a judge's chambers where Michael Gross's psychiatrist character makes a remark about bugs in the room after complaining about Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) staring at him. D'Onofrio became well-known for playing a nasty alien bug inside a human skin in Men In Black.