Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 5 Episode 19

Cruise to Nowhere

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on USA
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Episode Summary

Goren and Eames investigate when a respected professional is found murdered in the East River, his death presumably connected to a series of gambling losses.

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  • One word....boring

    I lost interest pretty quick into the episode. Have the writers completely run out of steam? The plots are flimsey, the acting is routine, and the cases are boring. I think it would probably be more interesting to watch paint dry than the episodes of this season. I\'m waiting for Dick Wolf to add better writers to this show.
  • Fantastic episode full of threat, deception and betrayal. I love it!

    This is what L&O is all about for me. Sure there is little actual violence, but the stakes it plays are cast in the face of emotional and moral dies.

    A powerful beginning scene launches on a fastpaced, unforgiving ride through the life of card shark with exceptional card counting ability. This is a superb character, with hidden depths, expertly played. He is kept under the thumb by his manipulative uncle who is not all he seems.

    The beginning contains enough leads to stretch your mind as to who killed the respected professional as we are bombarded with so many potential suspects.

    The middle act is a menage of fast paced, emotion packed scenes as we discover all the facets of the case we need to make sense of what is one of the most interesting stories for this show.

    The finale is always going to lead to some anti-climax but at least here we are happy for the young man who Noth shows the light and allows him to be free of his evil uncle.moreless
  • An ex school chancellor and pillar of the community is found floating in a river near an offshore gambling boat. Goren and Eames must discover why the compulsive gambler went overboard, and are led to a young sharpie who beat the victim for 500 thou.moreless

    A very special episode because it reunited VD'O with Lou Taylor Pucci, who played D'Onofrio's son in "Thumbsucker", and watching the two interact was a real treat.

    Pucci made a fascinating young card shark, "Joey Frost", loud, obnoxious, and childish to a fault. "Ten years old is where his emotional growth stopped", say Goren and that's a stretch. Son of a murdered bookie and a floozie, Joey is ultra competitive and of the few perps CI had Goren bond with, and that always makes for entertaining epis.

    As for the ex-Chancellor, he hid his gambling obsession (and debts)for a while, but was done in by his brother-in-law, who valued him more dead than alive. Said brother-in-law also mentored and engineered Joey's gambling "career", and incidently, killed his old man. Pretty traumatic when Joey learns the truth.

    Best Goren line: To Eames - "Do you wanna flip for the collar?"moreless
  • A fine example of what Criminal Intent used to be all season long.

    I guess eleven episodes of Goren and Eames is better than none, but I miss those eleven episodes.

    This was a great episode of Criminal Intent with all the details and nuance I've come to expect from CI. The mysterious death and the unique suspect - in this case a young man who's a poker prodigy and human lie detector with the mental development of a spoiled ten-year old. Followed by the classic Goren mental games, first flirting with the mother and then acting as a father figure to the poker boy. Ending with Goren getting inside the head of the poker champion and using his skills to unmask the killer. This is "exactly why I watch this series"!

    I wish they'd give Det. Barek some unique interviewing skills (Det. Logan is too fleshed out) and bring the other eleven episodes up to par.moreless
Lou Taylor Pucci

Lou Taylor Pucci

Joey Frost

Guest Star

Michele Pawk

Michele Pawk

Shari Frost

Guest Star

Michael Mastro

Michael Mastro

Jack Rosencrantz

Guest Star

Leslie Hendrix

Leslie Hendrix

Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The two henchmen, Jack Rosencrantz & Gil Costello share their last names with halves of two famous duos: "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern" from Shakespeare's Hamlet, and the comedy team, Abbott & Costello.

    • Goof: As Goren looks at the sports events that Williams recorded, he notes, "Not a home team in the bunch." However, the college game in the list is "MSU at Hudson". In the Law & Order universe, Hudson University is the local college. Further, besides the most common "Michigan State University", "MSU" is also the abbreviation for Montclair State University in New Jersey, so both teams might have been local.

    • When Shari Frost is being questioned by Goren and Eames, The Jerry Springer Show is on the television in the background.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Gil Costello: Do you ever really know what goes on inside your fellow human being?
      Robert Goren: You mean, like one minute you're talking to a good Samaritan and the next minute you're charging him with murder… ?

    • Robert Goren: He put his brother-in-law in the ring with a killer.
      Alex Eames: Talk about tough love.

    • Joey Frost: That fat-ass died owing me 500 G's. That's the real tragedy here. See you later.
      Alex Eames: There goes one of nature's mistakes.

    • (Discussing Ben Williams.)
      James Deakins: Playing hooky from his straight life.
      Alex Eames: And his even straighter wife.
      James Deakins: When heroes fall, they take everyone down with them.

    • (To Joey, talking about Phil.)
      Robert Goren: He killed his sister's husband! Killing your dad to get to you, would be nothing for him.

    • (While discussing the suspect.)
      James Deakins: Looks like my daughters could take him.

    • (Examining the victim.)
      Robert Goren: What's this here? A transdermal patch.
      Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers: (tweezing it from the victim's neck) Well, might be a painkiller, or a nicotine patch.
      Alex Eames: Too bad it wasn't a swimming lesson patch.

  • NOTES (1)