Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 5 Episode 2

Diamond Dogs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2005 on USA
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Episode Summary

Logan and his new partner, Barek, investigate a series of robberies in mom-and-pop jewelry stores that are escalating in the level of violence. After a home investigation leads them to a young junkie, Barek and Logan are soon led to a mother-and-son crime team, and the mother is pulling all the strings. Logan is uncomfortable when Barek uses his past to get through to their suspect.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Your Love is My Drug

    Ok, so In gerneral I liked this episode. It was smart, and interesting, but it don't under stand the cast seperation. In most shows (Including LO: SVU, CSI, and Castle) There are to sets of partners that work a case, but yet in this show if Noth and the other lady work the case, we never see anyone eles, and if bobby and his partner have a case, Noth is gone. So, except my favorite charater, Bobby's partner, wasn't there it was good.

    I thought this episode, was great, and intense, and emotional. The acting was good, it wasn't hard to believe these people as on drugs, and murderers and thiefs.

    No one should ever second guess Noth's instinct, because he was right about the girl, and she would have died if his captian believed him.

    PS I know it sounds like I'm not aware that TV isn't real, but I do... sometimes. :)moreless
  • Welcome Back Logan!!!!!!!!

    Okay I've always somewhat liked this show. It has been my least favorite of the Law and Order group. D'Onofrio's character Goren is okay at best. I'm thrilled that we now have Logan back. Logan is much more believable. I really liked the way Chris Noth and Annabella Sciorra work together. This was a well written episode. I liked the way the detectives played off of each other in the interrogation, that is one of the things I don't like about Goran and Eames, it's always all about Goren. Logan and Barek work together more, not just her going along with him. I can't wait for the next Logan, Barek episode, and wouldn't be disappointed if next season was all them.moreless
  • Introduction of Noth and Sciori

    I watched this episode on DVR and was confused as to why D'Nofrio and Erbe weren't in the beginning walk....As the episode progressed I enjoyed it but kept looking for Goren and Eames....I was grateful to find this website and be assured that we have not lost the originals just added 2 more...I have missed Noth since he left the original L&O so this is a treat especially since it means I haven't lost D'Nofrio....And of course Sciori is a great asset to any show she is connected to...WELL DONE!!!!moreless
  • Logan brings a refreshing character to the show.

    Logan is back to Law and Order, Thank goodness. He brings life back to the show. Donofrio is so monotone and boring. I think he destroys an otherwise good show. It's a good change of pace to alternate shows. You can really see the difference from one week to the next
  • Mikey is back and he is as good as ever. Teamed with a female officer that he does not make the moves on and who speaks sevreal languanges the two must go after a mother and son team that is in just one word nutsmoreless

    Mikey is back and it is the best thing that could happen for the charecter. We like the fact that they brought him back. I personally like it how the sharp edged Logan tells everyone that the entire city thinks he is just this side of crazy. What a way to be reborn shall we say and cudose to the mention of Lennie Brisco in their (I had a partner once who like to shoot stick) It they just continue to be greatmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Mike Logan makes a number of trivial references in this episode to things that occurred while the character was in the original Law & Order including Lennie's prowess as a pool player and the attack on a city councilman that relegated him to Staten Island for ten years.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Referring to former partner Lennie Briscoe.)
      Mike Logan: You know, I had a partner, ohh what a great stick man he was. Here's something he had way too much decency to teach me. (breaks cue stick)

    • Mike Logan: I'm a rage-a-holic cop who took a swing at a city councilman. Everybody thinks I'm a ticking bomb. Maybe today's the day I blow. I don't know, it's up to you.

    • Carolyn Barek: I was taught in catechism even the worst sinner deserves our compassion.
      Mike Logan: Yeah? Yours, maybe. I'll save mine.

    • (Discussing Dede Feist's file.)
      Carolyn Barek: Abusive ex-husbands, boyfriends. It's what she's had to put up with in order to support her habit.
      Mike Logan: Lemme get out my violin.

    • Mike Logan: Some parents send their kids out to get them booze, Dede has Johnny knocking off jewelry stores to feed her habit.

    • Ron Carver This is now a press case. Assigning a cop with an asterisk next to his name could come back to bite you.

    • (At the rehab clinic, which Barek learned about by speaking French to a junkie.)
      Mike Logan: So just in case I need an interpreter, how many languages do you speak?
      Carolyn Barek: Umm, well, Spanish, Yiddish, Italian, Polish, Creole. Some Russian. Some Cantonese, from working in Chinatown. You?
      Mike Logan: I can say 'stop, police' and 'what's your sign?' in fifteen different languages.

    • Carolyn Barek: Cherry tomato? They're from my garden.
      Mike Logan: What else you grow?
      Carolyn Barek: Cabbage.
      Mike Logan: Polish food. I love pierogies. Are your mother's any good?
      Carolyn Barek: Nah, it wasn't her thing. So, uh, what did Mrs. Logan make her boy?
      Mike Logan: Rum punch. (wry chuckle) Private joke.

    • Pawnbroker: I'd go another $500 for that Hamilton.
      Johnny Feist: No, not my father's watch. He gave it to me in the hospital.
      Pawnbroker: It's hard to part with family things. Maybe $600.
      (Johnny hands over the watch.)

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode is one of two that Wolf Films is submitting for Consideration for a 2006 Emmy nomination

    • Chris Noth and Annabella Sciorra officially join the cast in this episode, marking the first changes to the starring cast since the show premiered. No other Law & Order has completed four seasons without losing/gaining starring cast. The starring credits change depending on whether or not the episode features D'Onofrio/Erbe or Noth/Sciorra – since this episode centers around Noth/Sciorra, the opening credits include their names, but not D'Onofrio/Erbe.


    • Mike Logan: There she is, the 3:10 to Yuma.
      Although a curious allusion, since the original involves surviving repeated attacks until the train arrives, this references the 1957 Delmer Daves Western, starring Glenn Ford. It was remade in 2007 by James Mangold, starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. Both films were based on the short story by Elmore Leonard.

    • The episode title, "Diamond Dogs", is the title of a song and album by David Bowie.

    • Carolyn Barek: I was taught in Catechism even the worst sinner deserves our compassion.

      The Catechism is a series of teachings on the Catholic Church that each young child must study and learn before they will be able to take their first communion. The Catechism isn't exclusive to Catholicism, but is most familiar to North Americans as such.

    • Mike Logan: Rudy's not the mayor anymore.
      Rudolph William Giuliani was the 107th Mayor of the City of New York from 1994 to 2001. He is best known for reducing crime in the city, eliminating/reducing many taxes and implementing the largest workfare program in the nation. Giuliani has appeared as himself in many television shows and movies.

    • Johnny Feist: $600 for a 1950s Hamilton. You think I got ripped off?

      Hamilton Watch Company produced some of the finest watches in America during their peak years, the 1930s through the 1950s. Many of their watches are now considered to be collector's items.