Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 14, 2007 on USA
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Goren and Eames find a scrapbook belonging to a serial killer on death row that suggests he may have had more victims than previously known.

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  • Perfect. Absolutely perfect

    First, let's focus just on D'Onofrio's acting. How can you not feel the mixed emotions that he was feeling? His face is a poster board for every emotion on this episode. When he was with Brady, they showed his face arguing with himself. Finally an explosion of anger and disbelief. Wow! Next onto the scene where he's looking at the photo album with his mother. Knowing the character's MO he was actually using this time to get some family history. But on the surface, he was enjoying a happy moment with his mother; the easy laughter & conversation. The final scene where again his face is a poster for every emotion. You can't help but see the sadness and the regret and of course the love.

    As far as the plot. I thought it was great. I'm no writer, but I think that the writers did a fantastic job overall.

    Now let's discuss the other characters. Eames was at least sympathetic with him in that she saw that Goren needed to resolve this & could not be removed from the case. At least that was my take on it. Ross was just being a captain doing his job. Brady, well, now you know where Goren got his ability to read people from. Although it's surprising that he didn't remember "uncle Mark". A smart character like that certainly should be able to remember people in his life.

    Overall, this episode was excellent. It sticks with you emotionally. I had a hard time sleeping after watching it, because the emotions didn't end just because the episode ended. Excellent!moreless
  • speechless with admiration for this cast and writing?directorial? staff. thank you for such terrific, moving theater!

    .. extraordinary acting and writing. one completely forgets this is television-- D'Onofrio and Scheider wow: that blood-curdling moment when 'Brady' wheedles/threatens/taunts Bobby with "you have it in you..". and D'Onofrio with Moreno, amazing: the heart-wrenching scene between Bobby and his mother when she vacillates- wildly- between a whispered "I'm sorry" and then hitting at him with her tiny, fragile, flailing, dying hands-- this episode will tear you apart. the love in D'Onofrio's eyes as he interacts with his 'mother', alone, are worth a standing ovation. even while learning (potentially) what may be the single most traumatic, horrific 'truth' of his life, 'Bobby' shows only gentleness, compassion and love for his mother. what a performance! Bravo--- ! p.s. and I like the Beckett-ian title (-:

  • VDO does it again, and makes me want to reach into my TV and give Bobby a hug! Man what an episode!

    The reason this episode is perfect goes beyond the loss of Mrs. Goren, but the emotion in Bobby's eyes - so many actors can look sad, but I think VDO was sad. Everything about Endgame was note perfect, Roy Scheider, Eames, even Ross, whom I just don't like. And Bobby's brother being more interested in the money instead of his mother's well-being. Made me tear up for the whole family. How about the way he sat in the dark room all defeated and alone? Sob! And moreover the idea that he is going to have to come to some personal conclusion to this storyline next season, is it here yet?

    Awesome TV I can't wait!moreless
  • One of the most intense episodes ever!!

    WOW. This was incredibly intense. MFB(Mark Ford Brady), a crazy serial killer who is on death row might be the father of Bobby! My Favorite part was when Bobby and Eames were driving:

    Bobby:(on his cell) Ma, she's not my girlfriend!

    Frances Goren: I want to meet her! (she hangs up)

    Bobby:(to Eames)Umm... My brother has been saying things about you to my mom. She thinks your my girlfriend and she wants to meet you.

    That part was incredibly funny! Definatly heart breaking though, with Frances Goren dying, poor Bobby all torn up with the death of his mother... I just wanted to reach in and give him a HUGE hug!!!moreless
  • What a story arch!!!!!

    This is by far the best episode of this show so far!

    What a storyline, It starts with Goren's mom and some guy moving to Death row. Then it jumps to Goren getting a tip from a former conviction. Mark Ford Brady leads the detectives around by the nose. Giving them little details here and there.

    Then it jumps off! More details come forward and he leads them around to the BIG REVEAL! Goren finds a picture of his mother and The serial killer might be his father!

    Plus we got to see the wierd serial killing pattern guy (the one from Perfect Strangers) again. Guess Goren keeps in contact with all the whack-jobs?

    PS: That Guy from Jaws sure could act!moreless
Roy Scheider

Roy Scheider

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Mark Linn-Baker

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J. Smith-Cameron

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