Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 1 Episode 10

Enemy Within

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2001 on USA
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Episode Summary

The death of an eccentric banker in his 90th-floor apartment leads the detectives to investigate his professional contacts and family members.

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  • A 68 year old financier with bad health is exhibiting paranoia and anxiety with good reason. Unknowingly he has pitted his nurse, wife, and son against him with his actions and as they say somethings gotta give.moreless

    A solid episode with a lot of holes in it. I understood the son for starting the fire getting on the hook for murder or manslaughter and I understood the nurse piece as well. The one person they didn't build a case against was the wife. Now she had a motive, but the DA flippantly said she had plead to attempted murder at the end. Three for the price of one? But the only thing they had proven was that someone used her pass code to change the elevator code. From the story, both Edward and the male nurse claimed that she was not aware of the fire Edward had set and someone else could have used her code. Edward didn't sleep with her, but she had slept with the nurse and so did Edward. She wasn't faithful but that is not attempted murder. I guess she must have plead to some other attempted murder she'd done?

    Well other than that the story was pretty interesting. All four of the main characters especially the male nurse had huge character flaws. I don't know what the murder victim was like before he was murdered but I have to say he was the worse of the four of them. The son was a recovered alcoholic and he was a little greedy from the standpoint that he wanted to sell this building that his father wanted to live in. That is why he set the fire. Not to kill but to scare. The wife was a gold digger, but her attitude was that there was plenty of money to go around so there was no reason not to be civil. She knew eventually she was going to get her share. I don't even think that she knew that her husband was changing his will from false evidence against her.

    So an interesting episode with a fairly weird ending. I watched this a few months ago and thought the same thing the first time I watched it. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • A safe room proves to be anything but safe for a paranoid old rich guy.

    When a rich man dies, having locked himself in his 'safe room' on hearing the building is on fire, there are many different suspects: his much younger wife, his young son, even his nurse - the redoubtable Lothaire Bluteau. Bluteau is a very strange actor - very good, but strange. He was fabulous in Jesus of Montreal, but has really carved out a niche as slightly odd, disturbed and disturbing characters.

    The storyline is good, because it goes from what you think you know to revealing more and more little details, until in the end you're flabbergasted again by what lengths people will go to for their own goals.

    There aren't any really likeable characters in this one: the nurse has his agenda and an ability to do anything for it; the son has flaws that might be excused except for his actions; the wife is a cold fish with passions she will realise for her own motives; even the victim is an irascible, cantankerous and mean old so-and-so, whose death is mourned by very few. Nobody is really innocent, but the truly guilty party is still quite a surprise (not a shock) because of the whole reasoning and plotting.

    A good one.moreless
  • Elderly paranoid banker whose medications have been mixed to induce even more anxiety, dies in his safe room as a result of arson. The usual culprits range from the much younger wife to the ineffectual son to the envious male nurse.moreless

    Goren and Eames prove they all done it, to one degree or another.

    Well written with some amusements, like a DNA ridden bed sheet hidden in a safe deposit box.

    Also features, what must have been the first exposure to a Goren ex-girlfriend, ahh so his "type" is statuesque, exotic-beauty brunette investment brokers with enough intellect and moxie to measure up to Bobby. "You blew your chance" is delivered not as a taunt or a whine, but merely as a fact.

    Tulip and I would have been less forgiving. :)

    Superb guest casting, right down the line. Wai Ching Ho, an actress the L & O franchise draws on now and again, makes a right-on arson investigator.

    Just another of the initial season delightful episodes.


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    • Robert Goren: What do you feel comfortable telling us?
      Rick Zainer: Nothing. But that's not an option, is it?
      Robert Goren: It's good you have a sense of humor about it.

    • Alex Eames: The only way Edward can sell that building is if the old man cleared out.
      Capt. James Deakins: So they burn him out. I'll have to remember this the next time my mother-in-law comes for a visit.

    • Alex Eames: (picking up a pamphlet on a desk) AA meeting book, there're meetings marked off. If I were in this family, I'd probably drink too.

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    • The episode title, "The Enemy Within", is in reference to the paranoia of the episode's first victim, who sought to protect himself from enemies outside of his hotel. Ironically, everyone who played a part in his demise lived or worked within the hotel. Even more ironically, had the victim not taken the extreme precautions he had, he would have survived. He was, in a way, his own enemy.

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