Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 8 Episode 9

Family Values

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 21, 2009 on USA
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Goren and Eames hunt a fanatic killer whose beliefs may be the key to catching him.

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  • A religious minded father is aroused by his daughter and as a result commits several murders. Goren uses biblical example and reasoning to dissuade him from a final murder.

    I am embarrassed to see this show on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. The quality is far below what I thought was their standard. While religion and following the "will of God" is the major topic, clearly no one opened a Bible or consulted with someone who has studied the Bible a little. If they had, the main character would not have referred to the Book of Revelations. There is no such book in the Bible. There is the Book of Revelation. Such is a common mistake by people intent on representing Christian Bible readers as ignorant fanatics who are set straight by rational protagonists. It is too common a mistake for it to be made by the makers of my favorite show. The sort of surface level attack on religion shown in this episode is more like something made in the nineteen sixties.moreless
  • Not for the squeamish...

    Very distrubing but well handled episode about a fanatic who believes the murders he is committing are for the "greater good." I was not able to find a cast list for this episode as of this writing but I am 99% sure that the actor who played the fanatic in this episode is the same one who protrayed the distrubed child killer in the L & O SVU episode entitled "Dolls" and that would be Jerry Harbour. His role here is very convincing as was the forementioned one. This episode is rather graphic so consider yourself warned and each murder is worse than the one before.moreless
  • A man who is very conservative and religious in his mind is called to duty for God. Goren and Eames are forced to investigate one killing after another as the man decimates his family and acquaintances one at a time until his daughter is left.moreless

    All in all I counted seven dead including the family dog. Plus the one assistant who was severely injured at the bank. Not counting the lifetime of therapy the daughter will have to go through to be any semblance of sane.

    A very disappointing Goren and Eames episode. Basically the man was mentally ill. They covered it up with the religious theme, but I have had a tremendous amount of personal experience with the mentally ill and this gentlemen is a textbook case. It was interesting how Goren basically turned the one thing he was hanging onto at the end to get him to tell him where his daughter was.

    The episode was interesting in that you knew who was guilty from the beginning and you knew it was a matter of time before he was caught. The only question was how far would he go in search of his redemption. I am not sure if the murderer was even aware that his daughters drama teacher was gay That was sort of thrown in there and they never established that he was aware of that. I found that twist to be interesting. Maybe there was a piece that was cut from the final print? I think he took her life to save her from the corruption of the theater which of course is ludicrous but the whole theme of the episode was a little out there.

    It is generally pretty odd for a person to go out and plan multiple murders and execute them in such a way as what they showed in this episode. Especially someone who is obviously not thinking straight. There seemed to be some planning involved with some of the murders and in other cases they were a little more random. Did he really think the only way to help his brother and sister-in-law was to kill them to help them out of their financial bind.

    Anyways, I am sure you can tell that I did not find this episode to be a stellar performance of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The acting was good and the production values were their usually quality but the storyline was a little weak. I still look forward to next weeks episode. Thanks for reading...moreless
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David Harbour

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