Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 3 Episode 19

Fico Di Capo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2004 on USA
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Fico Di Capo
After a protected witness is shot dead in a restaurant, Goren and Eames find themselves on the trail of a trio of young mobsters. They finally figure out a young man named Chops is the key, but can't find anyone willing to turn on him.

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  • Pedestrian

    Cliche characters, unoriginal script, unexciting locations make this a pedestrian episode. That inspite of the mob setting, which was really just a theme.

    The only element that brought any really urgency to the story was the people targeted at the start. Even then these were underplayed. The pace of the episode is above average, with the bulk of action switching to clever interplay between Goren and the group of possible anatagonists for the 1/3 of the show.

    Dialogue is about average for the show, still quality is better than alot of other shows. Locations fairly limited.

    I think that the show could have been better if Chops was made to be seen as even more triggerhappy and for more "mute" plotting to occur between the anxcillary characters.

    As it is - a good episode, but there have been much better.moreless
  • Wonderful Episode!

    I loved this episode! I love all Mafia Gangster movies or television shows! I think the actors did a wonderful job on this episode! I have to give props to Frankie Nasso! I think he played his character wonderfully. Hes adoriable to!

    I love this whole show, they always have wonderful cases on this show! To the writers and actors: Keep up the good work, because without you there wouldnt be a Law & Order Criminal Intent. This show gives us viewers something amusing and interesting to watch! I'd totally recommend this episode and this show to anyone! But i'm sure pretty much everyone watches this show already because its so good!moreless
  • A protected witness is gunned down in a restaurant, and Goren deems the executioner an "old school pro". The storyline revolves around the detectives' attempt to find the fatal leak and bring the responsible to justice.moreless

    After investigating how the hitman could know the abashed police were allowing their primo witness to attend his grandma's birthday restaurant party, Goren and Eames look into whether the leak came from within. An ADA believes so, but Goren knows otherwise.

    An ambitious young thug with "the Damiano Spirit" has sought to impress a sick elderly don who has seen most of his sons lost to gang war or imprisonment, and is itent upon protecting his last healthy one.

    But sonny boy Mikey is not fit to rule the roost, hence the need for the 'old school' technique, as renditioned by the young thug.

    A sub plot includes the ADA who first suspects an internal leak, and his undercover cop wife investigating the Russian mob, whose cover is blown by the press. She is assaulted but not killed, leading Goren to sense a demonstration of relative power, but by whom?

    All roads lead to the young thug "Chops" (funny street scene in which Goren, dressed like the cop he is, tries to convince Chops he's a fence, albeit with that Boston accent he pulls out now and again). Bobby makes Chops as a congenital anger management flunkee, (but hey, his wacko mom gave him up for adoption because she assigned the existance of natal teeth to demonology) robotically making his bones, killing fellow mobsters and running Sicilian figs to the old don.

    Goren and Eames tho, see no hint of loyalty in Chops' emotional background and alert the old man that the abandoned thug is after a gang war, and the Damiano Family leadership. Bobby and Alex break poor Chops abandonment trauma-ed pyche down with ease, ("Mom put him out like a dog on the street") and manipulate clueless Mikey into further acting the foil.

    Frankly, Chops didn't appear savvy enough to have gotten as far as he did, (any mid rank capo would have sniffed his act out)but decent story, just the same. (Writer Stephanie Sepgunta always seems to be as non-formulaic as one can be a lone hour).

    Aside: Altho there are the requisite references to the local mob family (the Massucci's) in relevant CI storylines, the writer don't drop vowels at the sound of a gunshot. That demonstration of ability to find villainy amongst a more general population is appreciated. And renders the occasional mob episode both more believable and interesting.

    Note: The victim calls his grandmother 'Nana' and not'Noni'? Oh, those third generationers. :)

    VD'O: Vincenzo's the capo di tutti capi of my imagination. Looked a little peaked so close to season three's end, but fierce, baby, fierce.moreless
Leo Fitzpatrick

Leo Fitzpatrick

Richard Chops Cozza

Guest Star

Fernando Lopez

Fernando Lopez

A.D.A. Geraldo Perez

Guest Star

Fulvio Cecere

Fulvio Cecere

Jim Farcas

Guest Star

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