Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 6 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2007 on USA
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After Fulla T, a local rapper who was encouraging his fans to report crimes when they heard about them, is murdered outside a radio station, Logan and Wheeler find themselves reluctantly partnered up with Harry Williams, a detective from the gang unit. Wheeler is willing to give Williams the benefit of the doubt, but when their witness begin to turn up dead or missing not long after Williams learns they're looking for them, Logan begins to wonder just what side of the law Williams is really on.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • hands down the very best episode in the L&O library, superb casting,Kirk Jones character, Harry williams, was a true to life urban tough guy. Wish i could obtain a copy of the song "nobody seen nuttin".But that seem near impossible,any info is welcome.moreless

    marvelously developed,perfectly portrade, nightshade is fabulously sexy,along with the steamy city backdrop, the urbaness created by the gathering of children flocking to the neighborhood guy gone platnum is more than real. Bookeem Woodbine, held his own as a hood. BUT I NEED THAT SONG! logan was a little skeptical of working with the hip hop force at first then became an advocate after his partner convinced him that angie was indeed headed for early demise if he(Logan) continued to leave her unprotected, ofcourse angie didn't help matters , her natural distrust of city cops made it difficult to communicate with her.moreless
  • Almost perfect episode, extreme and intense from all sides....if they touched up the eding a bit it would be a perfect 10!!!!

    Ok first, wow it was a great case for Major case to be in on but I think the case was bigger than a one hour show could handle, this is almost a two hour or two part show. Logan was great and stepped it up for this show. His experience put him right on for the case. And of course the great one liners we love from him to nail the thoughts home.

    Wheeler was a bit behind but I think that is because of well really...I dont know what bugged me and made me feel she was just not into it. But I will give her major points(funny since major case) for having Logan's back during the gun show down!!!!! I was scared she wouldn't make it on time!

    Ross this episode, I thought he was kind of passive in the sense he didn't stick up for the case and yell at everyone and push everyone like normal. He back down way to easy from the higher ups, what up with that? Insite to this would be nice? At least Ross had good gut insights with Logan.

    As for the plot and thoughts, wow first this was hard episode with strong strong views. While this is a show and they push the limits, still there was a lot of real things about this show.

    And the ending wow, the cop (or ex cop)kills the murder in jail while other cops turn the other way and then walks away. So what does that say to the public. I know this is just a show but something that intense and to just leave the ending up like that. No one even the cops should be allowed to kill another life.

    This was major case it would have been nice to see them in a second part now go after the ex-cop while they might again that the bad guy should be in jail or have the death penalty, Major Case needs to get justice done the right way not the gang way...moreless
  • really good eppy. spoilrs tho so be careful

    I love this episode. I mean the whole undercover cop thing and having to front with how he hates cops. And then Bobby Boyd who they are trying to get to, gets killed because they think he's a snitch. I love how throughout this episode we have people who don't want to be seen talking to cops so they say look we'll act as if we didn't get what we want. that's so brilliant. I love Logan.

    It's just sad, the cops try to help but if they do, the person they were questioning gets killed too. It really just stinks. And the girlfriend was promise he wouldn't bring in guns to the home but he does into a home with a baby? And they scare him to cooperating because if he does or doesn't he is dead. Oh bless, and it really did end up being a oman that killed Fulla T. He died because he said a real man wouldn't hit a woman. And the cop killer was the one who killed him. And 5 seconds after the cops leave him, he gets shivved in jail, by who? the undercover cop. lucky he turned in his badge seconds before that. Crazy man. Crazy.moreless
Kirk 'Sticky Fingaz' Jones

Kirk 'Sticky Fingaz' Jones

Detective Harry Williams

Guest Star

Aunjanue Ellis

Aunjanue Ellis

Carmen Rivera

Guest Star

Bokeem Woodbine

Bokeem Woodbine

Gordon 'G-Man' Thomas

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Carmen Rivera: (to Wheeler) Your little Howdy Doody ass don't know jack about my world.

    • Mike Logan: Well, I don't see his picture anywhere. Do you think he told her he was undercover?
      Megan Wheeler: They started dating in the summer? That's too soon for an undercover to reveal his assignment, that could backfire in too many ways.
      Mike Logan: Hmm. Been there, burned that, huh, Wheeler?

    • Mike Logan: No matter what, you're going down. Why would you want to bring Carmen down with you?
      Gordon 'G-Man' Thomas: (chuckles) She's got you, doesn't she? (chuckles again) Ah, what is it with you cops, always trying to save the damned?

    • Chief of Detectives Bradshaw: This was the first in what was supposed to be a series of public service announcements for the city.
      Mike Logan: He's advocating snitching?
      Chief of Detectives Bradshaw: We called it "Working together to keep your community safe."
      Megan Wheeler: But then Fulla was killed.
      Mike Logan: Kinda cuts the value of the PSA.

    • Capt. Sebellis: Real name is Terence Smith. But, uh, you listen to rap music, right?
      Mike Logan: Regularly.
      Capt. Sebellis: Yeah, well then you know him as Fulla T.

    • Mike Logan: (picks up a magazine on Tommy Marconi's table) I got magazines on my coffee table, too. PBA monthly. There's a picture of me in it, you know.

    • Harry Williams: Who the hell are you?
      Mike Logan: Logan, Major Case.
      Harry Williams: Oh. What are you doing here?
      Mike Logan: Losing sleep.

    • (After a suspect is thrown from a roof because he might have talked to the detectives.)
      Drea: Another NYPD – "New York Police Death."

    • Megan Wheeler: There's a thin line between cops and perps, right?
      Mike Logan: Who said that?
      Megan Wheeler: You did.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The song playing as Wheeler and Logan exit the radio booth is "Reach Out" by Prodigal Sunn featuring Madame Dee. The music playing in the bar is "Carry On (Stop)" by U-God featuring Ebony Burke


    • Fulla T: You know, Tupac went down. Nobody seen nothin'. Gangstas kills Biggie. Nobody seen nothing'.
      This rap song mentions the murders of 2-Pac (real name Tupac Shakur) and Biggie Smalls (AKA The Notorious B.I.G., real name Christopher Wallace). 2-Pac was shot in 1996 in Las Vegas and Biggie was shot in 1997 in Los Angeles. Both of these murders remain unsolved.