If 'Law & Order: Miami' is the Deal

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    I know people have likely heard the rumors ofthis since September 2010. Some people have made valid points. The Hollywood Entertainment News Blog has. That rumors is: "Law & Order: Miami" is the next "Law & Order: Criminal Intent", likely a more comedic yet dramatic version of the series fit for theUSA Network.


    I'm going to paste some key points that they made. Honestly the show is a good idea to me if it's on USA Network. We don't need crowding on NBC again. (It's why "LOCI" moved to USA in first place).

    From the jump, it's [the pilot] supposed to spin from Law & Order: Criminal Intent (which is ending in 2011 on USA Network).

    'Criminal Intent' arethe operative words. We should keep in mind D'Onofrio/Erbe (even Noth)appearances.

    The series needs to maintain it's way of the character's driving the story.

    "LOCI" from seasons [1]5-7... the stories had more life (and death) from those seasons.

    The show needs some good show runners (with a good backup team of writers).

    Matt Nix ("Burn Notice")is often rumored to be one of the show runners -- or the developer. Keep Walon Green away from this. I think Vincent D'Onofrio should be producer or even an executive producer on it.

    The Location should be MIAMI NOT LOS ANGELES!

    "CSI: Miami" is taped in Los Angeles to look like Miami. Dick Wolf would have something if he filmed "Law & Order: Miami"IN Miami as he did with "Miami Vice" and Matt Nix with "Burn Notice".

    Bring in an assistant district attorney (in Florida they are assistant state attorneys).

    I missed the 'glory' days on CI with Courtney B. Vance.

    Also a full-length opening sequence

    "Law & Order: Los Angeles" doesn't have a full opening sequence - if this becomes a series, itdoesn't need to make the same mistake twice.

    This series ("Law & Order: Miami") could only survive IF: it uses occassional comic elements, hire an ensemble cast that have good acting, plus character-driven plots. Basically written in the light style as the original "Law & Order" in it's first thru third seasons and "Burn Notice".

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