Renewing Law & Order: Criminal Intent, probably back on NBC

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    Well it's pretty obvious USA Network's not going to make an attempt to renew LOCI anytime soon and Dick Wolf hasn't said a word about any attempts to revive it (or the original mothership or Los Angeles basedseries).

    There's a grassroots campaign on Facebook and Twitter: &

    So "like" and follow those pages if you have accounts on those social networks - ANYTHING is better than nothing. There is a lot of contact information to get in touch with NBCand Wolf Films. Reruns of Law & Order: CI air on USA Network weekday mornings at 4AM/3c and 5AM/4c and a marathon runs on Mondays from 4AM/3c until 5PM/4c on USA as well.

    If anyone else has any other information on ways togetLaw & Order: Criminal Intent renewed - please, feel free to post it! This show can be saved if we all try.

    Bob Greenblatt has said he wants the Law & Order franchise to stick around on NBC, but leaving Mothership & LOCI and LOLA for dead isn't keeping the franchise around on NBC - SVU is the remaining U.S. Law & Order. And NBC is having problems with some of their "new" shows in the Fall 2011 lineup. The Playboy Club (which really wasn't worth five minutes of an actual Playboy bunnies time) was cancelled this October and believe me, more of their "new" shows will follow.

    We already know, if Criminal Intent is renewed, we'll be there!

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