Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on USA

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  • When I Grow Up...(Spoliers)

    Ok, so this is the first episode of Law & Order: CI I've ever really watch, I've seen an episode here or there, but I bought this season on amazon, and I thought this was good.

    Since I had never really watched the show before, it took me a couple minutes and some serious research to understand Nicole and Bobby's relationship, but It was intresting.

    I didn't trust her or the dad from the beginning, but I couldn't tell who was the murderer, and it turned out they both were. I hated him, and then I wanted to reach into my screen, and straggle him when he said he could just have another one.
  • Another great cat-and-mouse game between Goren and his nemesis, Nicole Wallace.

    Olivia d'Abo is superb as the psychotic Nicole Wallace. The back story is enough to keep you guessing as to her real history. Is she really a killer? Or is she merely the victim of circumstance. D'Abo and Vincent d'Onofrio do an excellent job as a latter-day Holmes and Moriarty.
  • I was not sure what expect with this episode. You know bring back Nicole Wallace. That could be dicey but I think it was done well. I was more of a subplot and that was the right call in this episode.

    In the opening was see Gwen talking to her mothers grave stone and seeing what a brave little girl she was and knowing Nicole was on her way was eerie. But Evan, her Dad was real piece of work. Then poor Gwen looses her uncle to scourge of drugs and once again little Gwen is being very adult about the whole thing. Goren and Eames go to visit the family that is growing smaller by the minute. They find out both Larry and Evan had been both working for the two bag a day corporation and Larry a doctor, that must have been one heck of a twelve step program. Evan is all too quick to let the detectives know that poor Larry was using some new super genetic heroin that affects the heart. Ummmm. Last I checked all heroin effects the heart but I last checked was a long time ago so who knows. Anyway, Goren lets him know that potassium under the tongue was most likely the cause of death. I guess the train didn’t stop on those tracks any more. It soon looks like Larry might have been looking for a little fun in Mexico. Eames and Goren were very impressed with how Gwen is handling the whole thing when they notice the book she is reading is from the library and it does not look like the good Doctor is visiting the county library very much. So, off to the library it is and when one of the employees at the library say’s that the person that works with her and uses the other desk talks about “Her mummy” and Goren and Eames see a Tai good luck charm on the desk and 2 + 2 = Bobby and Nicole. Goren smells blood in the water and starts to get as much information on the situation as he can. Nicole’s girl friend is dead Just as we assumed from her last appearance on CI and a very twisted plot emerges of how Gwen’s mother had used a medication when she was pregnant and won a big medical settlement that now rested on Gwen’s head. Goren was sure that Nicole smelled blood in the water but it does not take long to figure out that Evan her dad just might be trying to out fox the fox. Nicole would have none of that. After Nicole and Bobby have a couple of heart to heart conversations about Nicole’s dead daughter and how badly she wants a family or at least another daughter. Goren tries to convince her that the only way to save the girl from her Dad, who is going to give her cancer, is to admit she is a murdered and give up Evan. No way, Nicole gives up Evan as Larry’s killer and takes Gwen. Goren was upset and throws a double hand punch into his black SUV in the parking lot. Cut to three days and 200 leads later when a phone call comes in to the police station saying that Nicole has dropped Gwen off at her aunt’s house. Goren say’s “She did the right” and beep his phones goes off, it’s Nicole with a message “You were right Bobby, I couldn’t take chance. This is one more thing you have taken from me”. I thought it would cut to Goren’s mother’s nursing home or something but that was it. End credits. A good episode in my not so humble opinion.
  • Detective Goren must face his arch-nemesis, serial killer Nicole Wallace, as she once more surfaces to seemingly hold a family captive with her insidious design. Things prove not to be so easy to interpret.

    This episode was by far better and more revealing than all the Nicole Wallace episodes before. Perhaps because it is the fourth appearance of Goren's anti-thesis, it is easier to see the meaning behind their interaction. There were moments when I really thought Bobby would just say "get out of here, Nicole. Run." Nicole Wallace IS Goren if he had "gone the other way." That is the parallel between them and the evidence of it was never so perfect as in this episode. In the end she said that Goren had taken away her ability to do wrong... and I wonder very much what will happen if she resurfaces.
  • Any Criminal Intent show with Nicole Wallace is guaranteed to be exciting, and this show is no exception. There IS an interesting twist in character development, however, that makes the show just that much better.

    This episode involves the return of Nicole Wallace with a fiance who has a pre-teen daughter. As Nicole's storyline has developed over the years, it has been established that she killed her own toddler while alone on the beach (although Nicole has always held to her story that her daughter was swept out to sea.) When Bobby confronted Nicole about this particular murder, he pointed out that Nicole was jealous of her daughter being "daddy's little girl" as well as her being mixed up as a result of the molestation she suffered at her father's hands right about the same age.

    The father in this storyline, though, does not care at all about his child (he cares only about the money she can bring him if she dies of cancer due to the DES her mother took when she was pregnant.) Nicole only knew that the father did not love his child when the show begins; it later becomes clear to her that he is trying to kill her. Nicole apparently fell in love with the child (one she need not worry about taking away the father's interest in herself) and so she does what she can to save the child from both her uncle and father.

    Goren does not believe that that is possible when he first realizes the monetary gain that comes from the child's death; and even when he realizes the truth, he and Nicole have an intense conversation about the limits of her ability to love which preclude her from being a mother to the child.

    At first she discounts his words when she takes off with the girl; 72 hours later, she is convinced enough to take the girl to stay with her aunt. The intensity in their interactions remain throughout the show up to the very end when Nicole leaves Bobby a message stating that this is just one more thing that he has taken away from her.

    I can't wait for their next confrontation!!
  • Goren and Nicole Wallace meet yet again, but this time there's a twist...Nicole's actually trying to SAVE someone...

    Awesome! The tension and conflict between Goren and Nicole Wallace is riveting and one of my favorite things about the series. This is one of the few episodes in which Goren truly loses some of his cool, when he's desperately trying to reason Nicole out of her desire to be mother to her fiance's daughter. His obvious desperation and dread when Wallace takes off with the girl is poignant, and his low-key mix of surprise and relief when Wallace returns the girl safely is deeply touching. If Goren and Wallace weren't on completely opposite sides of both the law and morality, they would make a great couple. But maybe Nicole's changing a bit, so perhaps there's hope...
  • We meet Det. Logan (from Law and Order), Nicole is back (thank god) and Goren and Eames foil the attempt of a medical examiner to kill his only daughter by on setting cancer!

    This was everything a season premiere should be. We are (re)introduced to Logan, Goren's nemesis is back, and the plot line for this crime was something original. To start with, it's always great to get a new character, well usually great. This guy however, is going to mean nothing but bad things for my favorite show on t.v. Anything that detracts from Goren, or leaves him out of an episode can only be bad. I really hope the writers know what they are doing with this punk. As for Nicole being back, I am so psyched. This is the biggest controversy in the show's plot line. I hate to ruin it, but this is probably going to end up as either a season or god forbid SERIES finale, when Goren finally puts Nicole behind bars.
  • Nicole is back, and tries to atone for her numerous past misdeeds playing Mommy to a young girl targeted for death by her father. A redeemed, reformed Nicole just doesn't compute. Moral to this story: a leopard can't change its spots, and neither can th

    This episode rates a big fat ZERO because the LOCI writers caved in to the NBC Universal suits and brought that useless boring character Nicole back from the dead. Gimmicks like voting on Nicole\'s fate are nothing but ratings ploys, which I thought was beneath those responsible for putting LOCI on the air. Well, I was wrong, they caved in BIG TIME. BLECH!

    This episode also rates a ZERO in principle for anyone who believes Goren and the witch Nicole are some kind of romantic couple-in-waiting. For them there is no hope of a reality check, but they do need to watch the travel ad with the gnome, the one where the gnome says \"GROW UP!"

    Please, somebody, somewhere, do Nicole in and get rid of this lame character and even lamer LOCI storyline. Permanently. Forever.
  • are goren and eames still in the series? i didnt notice them in the opening credits or in the show

    the show is excellent and i really enjoy it and all the characters are nice and fleshed out to the point that you think you know everyone personally.

    as far as this episode is concerned i enjoy the fact that the character of nicole is recurring

    keep up the good work

    by the way are goren and eames still with the show?
  • Nicole is back. She's engaged, again. She's fixated on a child, again. And she has killed, again. But this time is different. This time, she kills to prevent another murder. This time, she saves the child. Twice. Once from her father and uncle. The second

    After learning what Nicole had done to her own child last season, I had voted to kill her off. I wasn't happy to see her in this episode. But she was different. She actually showed compassion and remorse for her daughter. She actually had concern for the child. And she actually did the right thing in the end by not keeping the child. Nicole realized that she couldn't trust herself to not hurt Gwen, should she become stressed about something.

    I was tired of Nicole. Her parting words to Bobby, however, were deliciously menacing. "This is one more thing you've taken from me." This suggests the next encounter will be much more intense.
  • Grow huh, too bad the ratings didnt, they shrunk from last year and deservedly so when are they gonna learn enough of Nicole Wallace, criminal masterminds dont exist in the real world. I wont watch the show again if she comes on, all I am saying.

    Grow huh, too bad the ratings didnt, they shrunk from last year and deservedly so when are they gonna learn enough of Nicole Wallace, criminal masterminds dont exist in the real world. Not in terms of winning on sheer cunning alone at least I wont watch the show again if she comes on, all I am saying. The only good thing was seeing Chris Noth and learning how they are gonna work it, focus on each pairing every other week, could be interesting, next week will tell
  • She is back.

    Yeah, what a way to start the season. I was a little put off when they brought on Logan, we will have to wait and see if he will be a good addition. When Nicole showed up, that when everything got interesting. The on screen chemistry between her and Goren was great. She finally becomes the tragic heroine, when she is set up by her fiance. But once again she flees before she is brought up on charges.

    What a way to begin the season.
  • The return of Nicole

    Any episode that has Nicole trying to foil Goren is definitely going to be one of the best in the series. I really liked the fact that this time she did the right thing, but of course you weren't really sure until they got the phone call from the aunt saying that Gwen was safe and sound. I can't wait for her to return and we all know she will. I personally amd getting a little tired of Donofrio's performance of Goren and am really looking forward to see how Logan handles his first case next week. This was still a very good episode.
  • Nicole's back and she's changed.

    It isn't long into the plot before Bobby discovers that Nicole is involved and the body count adds up.

    She's arrested and manages to get the multiple murder charges down to one murder that she ends up pinning on her fiance, the murder victim's brother. This man has a child with a $5 million bank balance a settlement for the child is likely going to get cancer given medication incorrectly prescribed to her Mom during pregnancy. Nicole wants the money and only has to marry the man kill him and kill the kid. That's right up her murderous alley.

    Bobby tries to convince her to help him by confessing to one murder giving her credibility while she testifies against the fiance. Nicole doesn't buy it. Good call on her part.

    Turns out that the fiance has got cancer causing cream and is administering it to his child - she dies of cancer he gets the money no questions asked.

    Nicole plants the evidence of the brother's murder on her fiance and tells Bobby where to find it. She also throws away the cancer causing cream saving the kids life. That's just not our Nicole. Then she kidnaps the child launching a manhunt and ends up dropping her off at her Aunt's home.

    Surprisingly they still want to arrest her for - guessing - breaking her bail conditions that were for the murder that her fiance had been framed for and arrested. Since he had tried to murder his child for the money he's not exactly got credibility.

    For someone who doesn't posses a moral fiber Nicole saves the child's life and takes the child to a safe place (has to beat foster care) and frames Daddy keeping the kid safe from his murderous plot. This is from a woman that murdered her own child and has nearly 20 killings to her credit.

    Just didn't make sense.