Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on USA

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  • Any Criminal Intent show with Nicole Wallace is guaranteed to be exciting, and this show is no exception. There IS an interesting twist in character development, however, that makes the show just that much better.

    This episode involves the return of Nicole Wallace with a fiance who has a pre-teen daughter. As Nicole's storyline has developed over the years, it has been established that she killed her own toddler while alone on the beach (although Nicole has always held to her story that her daughter was swept out to sea.) When Bobby confronted Nicole about this particular murder, he pointed out that Nicole was jealous of her daughter being "daddy's little girl" as well as her being mixed up as a result of the molestation she suffered at her father's hands right about the same age.

    The father in this storyline, though, does not care at all about his child (he cares only about the money she can bring him if she dies of cancer due to the DES her mother took when she was pregnant.) Nicole only knew that the father did not love his child when the show begins; it later becomes clear to her that he is trying to kill her. Nicole apparently fell in love with the child (one she need not worry about taking away the father's interest in herself) and so she does what she can to save the child from both her uncle and father.

    Goren does not believe that that is possible when he first realizes the monetary gain that comes from the child's death; and even when he realizes the truth, he and Nicole have an intense conversation about the limits of her ability to love which preclude her from being a mother to the child.

    At first she discounts his words when she takes off with the girl; 72 hours later, she is convinced enough to take the girl to stay with her aunt. The intensity in their interactions remain throughout the show up to the very end when Nicole leaves Bobby a message stating that this is just one more thing that he has taken away from her.

    I can't wait for their next confrontation!!