Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on USA

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  • I was not sure what expect with this episode. You know bring back Nicole Wallace. That could be dicey but I think it was done well. I was more of a subplot and that was the right call in this episode.

    In the opening was see Gwen talking to her mothers grave stone and seeing what a brave little girl she was and knowing Nicole was on her way was eerie. But Evan, her Dad was real piece of work. Then poor Gwen looses her uncle to scourge of drugs and once again little Gwen is being very adult about the whole thing. Goren and Eames go to visit the family that is growing smaller by the minute. They find out both Larry and Evan had been both working for the two bag a day corporation and Larry a doctor, that must have been one heck of a twelve step program. Evan is all too quick to let the detectives know that poor Larry was using some new super genetic heroin that affects the heart. Ummmm. Last I checked all heroin effects the heart but I last checked was a long time ago so who knows. Anyway, Goren lets him know that potassium under the tongue was most likely the cause of death. I guess the train didn’t stop on those tracks any more. It soon looks like Larry might have been looking for a little fun in Mexico. Eames and Goren were very impressed with how Gwen is handling the whole thing when they notice the book she is reading is from the library and it does not look like the good Doctor is visiting the county library very much. So, off to the library it is and when one of the employees at the library say’s that the person that works with her and uses the other desk talks about “Her mummy” and Goren and Eames see a Tai good luck charm on the desk and 2 + 2 = Bobby and Nicole. Goren smells blood in the water and starts to get as much information on the situation as he can. Nicole’s girl friend is dead Just as we assumed from her last appearance on CI and a very twisted plot emerges of how Gwen’s mother had used a medication when she was pregnant and won a big medical settlement that now rested on Gwen’s head. Goren was sure that Nicole smelled blood in the water but it does not take long to figure out that Evan her dad just might be trying to out fox the fox. Nicole would have none of that. After Nicole and Bobby have a couple of heart to heart conversations about Nicole’s dead daughter and how badly she wants a family or at least another daughter. Goren tries to convince her that the only way to save the girl from her Dad, who is going to give her cancer, is to admit she is a murdered and give up Evan. No way, Nicole gives up Evan as Larry’s killer and takes Gwen. Goren was upset and throws a double hand punch into his black SUV in the parking lot. Cut to three days and 200 leads later when a phone call comes in to the police station saying that Nicole has dropped Gwen off at her aunt’s house. Goren say’s “She did the right” and beep his phones goes off, it’s Nicole with a message “You were right Bobby, I couldn’t take chance. This is one more thing you have taken from me”. I thought it would cut to Goren’s mother’s nursing home or something but that was it. End credits. A good episode in my not so humble opinion.
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