Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 4 Episode 6

In the Dark

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2004 on USA

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  • Question: what do you do if you're a mechanic in late middle age whose ladylove has a grown daughter in financial need? Well, you kill 9 homeless men after getting them a little credit - enough to finance a car, which you then chop up to parts unknown.

    And imagine your surprise on learning said daughter was never even born, but had calcified in the womb of her increasingly demented mother?

    Probably a little stupid. :)

    Yet another take on how to deal with the homeless problem, only a bit more adventurous than the usual straight insurance storyline.

    The victims (denizens of a tunnel) have had their skills blasted through plastic soda bottles, and the detectives must learn why and by whom.

    After intimidating a body (human) parts harvester, the detectives are led to an underground man known as the demon "Donald" (there's one below as well as above and the subterranean one is at least slightly more appealing) who paves the road to a body (motor vehicles) parts owner. Donald is kind of an intriguing figure tho, clever enough to understand that his slice of cellar level 'real estate' is a crossroads transecting three power lines, and the resulting lack of radio transmissions allow him a claim on the supernatural.

    It's the chop shopper tho, who is the real nutcase. His motive is love for a sweet-natured lady whose recent TIA's have rendered her a scarier rendition of Betty White's old character on The Golden Girls. She now believes the child dead in her womb for thirty years is alive, unwell, and economically pinched upstate, and has convinced her partner to subsidize the unrealized daughter. Hence the mechanic's scheme to defraud credit card companies by buying on time what will never be paid for, but may well be unloaded piecemeal on e-bay. Nine or more bankruptcies would ring too many bells, but the homeless tell no tales in life or death.

    Need a top grade disbelief suspender for this one, but saved by fine guest acting, some sweet BG moves (beginning with the early ME room gory Goren lean into the plastic infected skull of a victim), an Eames op to talk up her always engaging car acumen( love the auto lingo, soap bar rubbings on fan belts and all), as well as Deakins' 'mother ship' quip, which was absolutely classic!

    Note: Whoever dressed VD'O for this one deserved an Emmy. He looked better tailored than ever and the color coordinating shades of gray and black..suit, shirt, tie, with HAIR!...impressive. :)