Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 5 Episode 6

In the Wee Small Hours (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2005 on USA

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  • This review is for both episodes, because I watched as One episode. (Spoilers)

    First off you know it was good, because I have like a 42 minute attention span, this was One hour and twenty-five minutes, and I managed to pay attention through all of it!

    Now, it was a great case. They thought they knew exactly who killed both girls, but it turned out that the detectives had no idea what they step into. My favorite part was that they had both sets of partners working on this case together, I wish they would do this more often, then seperating them.

    The acting was ok, and so was the writing.

    But here what I thought was sad, this family was so messed up. Son charged with neglegent homicide, mom charge with murder, and dad charged with statutory rape. WOW! Makes my family look normal.
  • A horny teen gets mixed up in the disappearance and suspected murder of two young teenage girls. His father's a judge, and we now have all four Detectives working on the case.

    This special two-hour episode was exactly what this season needed to get it back on track. The series, I felt, took a turn for the worst when half the episodes featured Goren and Eames, while the other half featured Logan and Barek. However, this episode was crucial in bringing them together, and as painful as it was to watch Law and Order: CI without Det. Goren, I think this should make for an excellent story line, conflict between the two investigating teams, and with each of the detectives having their flaws brought out by the judge, implicated in this episode. For me, the greatest scene was where Goren receives the news that the judge had sent an investigator to see his ailing mother. Immediately you knew that the judge had made a mistake in that he made the case personal. As soon as Goren found out, he went to the judge’s office and manipulated him into confessing his implication in the case. This is exactly why I watch this show, to see Goren go ballistic on the bad guys and make them incriminate themselves.
  • Amazing episode.

    i liked it becasue it had all 4 of the detectives. I saw only a few weeks ago and I was amazed at how good it was. I had heard that it was pretty good, but it really was. I think that the case was the perfect mixture of things Bobby and Alex could deal with and Mike and Carolyn could handle. The whole thing was good, and it did keep you guessing. Was he going to get off? Did he actually do it? I think that it was the boost that the show needed, to go from good to excellent.
  • The two part episode that involves all four of the LO:CI cast.

    In this installment of Law & Order: Criminal Intent we find Eames and Goren teaming up with their counterparts Barek and Logan to solve the mystery of a missing girl on a trip to New York City. We see more than we want to in this episode with a dramatic moment revolving around both Eames and Goren, and as painful as it is for some to watch we atleast get to have both the teams in one setting (even though the Anabella Sciorra, and Chris Noth episodes are the most boring). The episode has some racial moments when the obvious has been broughten out after another missing girl who just so happens to be involved in the very same murder mystery is black, and the girl who's missing is white. The media is clammoring over this new missing girl but didn't even move when the other girl was announced missing before. This is a great episode and shows those who watch both Sciorra and Noth that they can do just a good job as the other two.