Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 8 Episode 4

In Treatment

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 10, 2009 on USA
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News of a company's falling stock that plunged more after a fraud investigation was announced may have led to the murder of one of its executives.

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  • Really bad episode.

    It was obvious right from the start who was responsible for all the crimes. From the first time Det. Zach Nichols talked to the psychiatrist you could see he was somehow involved. And as time goes by you keep thinking, yeah, he's the guy, the psychiatrist is the "bad" guy. And in "A who's done it story", when you know who's the killer in the first 15 minutes, why watch the rest. Maybe you keep watching for the story to prove you wrong, but no, it doesn't. Disappointment. This was a very bad written episode. What was the writer thinking, he insults the intelligence of the viewer. Exposition was made in a really bad and cheap way, and getting the rich guy to enter a psychiatric facility was the easy and off course obvious way to tell the story, it made the episode slow, with bad rythme, and you could see that the psychiatrist manipulated his patients.

    When Dec. Nichols character behaves like a slow noob cop that does NOT make him a a weird misunderstood brillant detective. Brilliant detectives work very hard. When you have a character like that, at list make him funny, cause i don't see another way to make him interested. The writer stops the plot to input personal info for Dec Nichols and that is just boring, it distracts attention from the plot. This is the second bad episode of Dec. Nichols character, i hope the next eps. gets better.moreless
  • Nichols and Wheeler investigate a murder related to a Madoff type situation. The CFO of a investment firm that invests other peoples money is murdered at a function for the company because of financial problems. Sort of relevant to today's economy.moreless

    Sort of an uneven episode for L&O:CI in general. I enjoyed it personally as I think the acting was excellent, but the story was a little contrived and the situations a little awkward. For example, Nichols walking in on the group session at the Pledges facility that charges $20K a week. Seems that it was awfully easy to get access to a pretty secure facility. It happens a number of times.

    I think they are trying a little too hard to make Nichols character strange psychologically. So he was the only child of two parents involved in the field of Psychology. So what?

    Also the strange relationship with Nichols and Wheeler seems a little contrived and now they have set up Wheeler to be pregnant under very difficult circumstances. Ex-husband in prison etc...

    I do like the fact that we get some insight into Nichols from his former partner Captain Ross, but I think they needed to inch into the weirdness and I think they jumped in feet first.

    The conclusion at the end of the episode was not well done with the Psychiatrist being delusional about his role in the Beuliss Securities operations. It almost made you feel sorry for Archie Beuliss character if that's possible.

    Now I see what people were saying about the Nichols based episodes having some problems and the delays in showing these episodes. Hopefully they will get better as I think if this happens a number of times more I will be giving the episodes lower and lower scores. At this point I am enjoying the characters still and I am giving them a break for the newness of the pairing. Thanks for reading...moreless
Dennis Boutsikaris

Dennis Boutsikaris

Dr. Ernst

Guest Star

Alexa Havins

Alexa Havins

Elaine Beuliss

Guest Star

Wass M. Stevens

Wass M. Stevens

Ron Hemmings

Guest Star

Leslie Hendrix

Leslie Hendrix

Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

Recurring Role

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    • Danny Ross: How'd things go with the shrink?
      Megan Wheeler: I'm pregnant.
      Danny Ross: That well? (beat) Congratulations?
      Megan Wheeler: You knew.
      Danny Ross: We are detectives, my dear.
      Megan Wheeler: Yeah, male detectives. A female would've figured it out weeks ago. (Nichols hands her yellow baby booties)

    • (After Archie Beuliss is admitted to a psychiatric facility.)
      Danny Ross: And what is Mr. Beuliss' alleged affliction?
      Zach Nichols: Mmm, I'm guessing it's a bad case of "the SEC is up my ass for fraud, and I'm preparing a psychiatric defense"-itis.

    • Archie Beuliss: I have been investigated by the SEC virtually nonstop since 1996. I've given so many depositions, I swear to tell the whole truth when I order dinner at a restaurant.

    • Capt. Danny Ross: (referring to Det. Wheeler) If you say something and you're wrong, she'll never forgive you.
      Det. Zach Nichols: Oh, come on. Don't you think it's obvious?
      Capt. Danny Ross: I thought it was obvious with my cousin Rita. For fourteen years she's given me cat toys for Christmas.

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