Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2001 on USA
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The detectives become suspicious when an abusive lawyer's girlfriends keep turning up dead, but his wife stonewalls the investigation.

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  • A lawyer with a liking for multiple petite girlfriends starts to clean out his collection.

    As the actual case goes, I thought this episode was pretty good. A guy juggling five girlfriends and a wife gets panicky and starts killing off the girlfriends, though in a methodical enough manner that Goren & Eames can tell that they're not random violent crimes. What I really love about this episode is the interrogation method once they finally bring Mr. Romeo in. First, in order to get his wife to realize how much of a scumball her husband is, they set up the situation where he sees Eames as being treated badly by Goren, and Romeo starts to flirt heavily with Eames in the interrogation room, with his wife behind the mirror watching the whole thing. Finally Goren takes over the interrogation and Eames gladly gets away from Romeo ("I need to wash off the slime!"). In what I consider to be one of Goren's top three most hilarious performances, Goren explains his "theory" of why some men like petite women, namely that they're a "snug fit" for "small men", and then starts badgering Romeo about his "small feet and hands", with many a suggestive grin and chuckle. When Goren topped himself by exclaiming with distinct glee and a giggle "Aaaah! You've got small hands, too!", I was ROLLING with laughter! This episode is worth watching for that part alone, if for nothing else! Such a hilarious episode!moreless
  • Griffin Dunne as a very sleazy lawyer with several girlfriends too many.

    No need for spoiler warnings with this one. Unusually, you know exactly who the 'perp' is from the beginning, and from then on, like an episode of Columbo, it's getting him to trip himself up for Goran and Eames to get the proof they need.

    Griffin Dunne is terrific as the coked-up lawyer, offing his girlfriends, who curiously just happen to be clients of his that he managed to get accident/injury settlements for.

    Karen Young is perhaps even better as the wife who refuses to believe and is prepared to be blind to her husband's failings, even when she finds a used condom on the kitchen floor!

    Goran's final grilling and humiliation of Dunne is textbook Criminal Intent, with Vincent D'Onofrio doing his usual mix of apparent confusion, mixed with intelligence and those little gestures that tell you he knows just what he's doing.

    A good episode. The only downside is that there seem to be an awful lot of gullible women out there, whose only purpose in life is to net a druggie lawyer with a gambling habit!moreless
  • My favorite Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode!!!!! So entertaining and interesting!

    Jones is a very well written episode about a lawyer that is killing all of his petite mistresses. And he\'s getting away with it until Goren and Eames get him to confess. This is great to watch even if you have seen it many times before. I love this episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Goren was so funny and intimidating in this episode. I was a good way to show smart the character was (considering it was only the fifth episode of the first season.) This episode keeps you guessing until the end of the episode. I love the one-liners at the end of each episode. A true masterpiece!moreless
  • Sleazy, coked-out, pint-sized lawyer is offing female clients, so he can keep their settlements.

    Great episode, and the casting is what made it so. After seeing big names like Malcolm McDowell, Michael York, and Whoopie Goldberg yawn thru season 5 story lines..what a sad comparison to the three fine actors who made this one work.

    Karen Young as the totally duped and deserving of it dumb wife (she was the uncaring FBI agent on the Sopranos who got Drea De Matteo's character killed off), Thomas G. Waites as a savvy bookie (he showed up in a later episode as the nutcase who was murdering Jewish men), and most of all Griffin Dunne with a terrific turn as the shyster lowlife (Eames charactrized him as "an equal opportunity sleazeball"...these three are gifted actors and a pleasure to watch fine tune their roles.

    The other major plus of this episode is the team work of Eames and Goren in turning the creepy lawyer, who is such a congenital satyr that he can't hold off making a play for Eames when he's got four murder charges pending. (she looks sultry in a low cut tank). Eames plays the scumbag, and then the big boy comes in to lower the boom.

    Hilarious!! Goren doesn't bother with double entrendre or speculation or innuendo when interrogating the sick puppy. He just flat out states: "you've got a small one". Hence the compensation leading to compulsive womanizing and moider. Throw in the gambling and coke abuse and you've got the total loser. Pure putty in Detective Profiler's BIG hands.

    When Goren heaves his shoe onto the interrogation table and says "I'm a size 13, what size are you, nine, eight?" it's a riot. If only the perp had come back with a "so what? Shaquille O'Neal is size 22".

    Yer Tulip Moment: Vinnie "I like to dance" D two-stepping for info in a smoky dive. Pretty smooooth for a size 13. Oooh those shoulders. :)moreless
  • An attorney who likes gambling, drugs, and keeps a number of girls other than his wife starts eliminating them all when one demands a little more of him than he is willing to give. Classic Law & Order Criminal Intent including the final Goren scene.moreless

    Griffin Dunne as Henry Talbott is his usual steady self as an accident/injury attorney whose practice is falling apart because of his gambling and drug addictions. His one ace in the hole is the fact that his wife played by Karen Young has money and she continually looks the other way on his womanizing and other problems.

    Everything is OK as Henry has supplied his wife with illegal sleeping pills and other prescriptions to keep her in a dazed condition. Then one day one of his clients turned mistress, Angie played by Daniella Alonso, asks for a little more than he can give. She wants him to leave his wife for her and she threatens him with telling his wife. He drowns her in the bath she has made to relax him.

    This triggers a line of murders of what turns out to be five current mistresses he has. Luckily they catch him before he kills the fifth. The only problem is they really don't have any evidence and his wife is stonewalling the police by saying he is a good husband and being in denial.

    In traditional Law & Order: Criminal Intent fashion Eames and Goren play Henry in front of his wife. Henry comes onto Eames as she is his type. Only this time it i in front of his wife. His wife spills the beans and its the chair for poor Henry. D'Onofrio is great in his usual closing performance goading Henry till he breaks the glass between the interrogation rooms.

    Entertaining story with good actors. A couple of things bothered me in that it seemed pretty weird that all of his mistresses would start to pressure him at the same time and he would snap and just kill them all. Also the fact he took the first two we see murdered for their settlements and that never came up in any of their discussions? We're talking 120,000 in one case and 70,000 in the other. What did he tell them? Interesting episode with some flaws but good drama none the less. Thanks for reading...moreless
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