Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2003 on USA
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When a father and son are found with their throats slit, the detectives discover a group of adolescent boys have disappeared from the same neighborhood. When the locals don't cooperate with the investigation, the police believe the boys are being used by someone operating a bicycle theft ring.moreless

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  • Legion

    Sammy becomes missing and his father goes looking for him because he's in an adolescent bicycle theft gang. Sammy's father gets his throat slit in front of him. Sammy's father was burried alive. Sammy had VERY expensive things but didn't have the money to get these nice things. Before students moved they got beat up around the same 12 block radius. Boys missing ar coming found up. Jojo is teaching the children to steal and told Frankie to kill himself. The kids looked up to Jojo because they didn't have much of a father. Frankie didn't make it. Jojo is using Roman history. Brain washing these children to believe they're warriors. Jojo was recorded saying the kids meant nothing to him.moreless
  • Law and Order Criminal Intent!

    While out looking for his son Sammy, is kidnapped, his throat slit and buried alive, all in front of his young son. He is able to dig himself out, while his son isn't as lucky. But doesn't stay alive for long, he dies after running into traffic, looking for help. Detectives Goren and Eames find several other cases that are similar to the first during the course of their investigation. They notice that several boys have gone missing in the same neighborhood. They find a studio owner name Jojo Rios who takes boys in and teaches them how to run the machines, but there is more than meets the eye to what Jojo is teaching these boys.

    This is a good episode. I have seen it a few times and I have enjoyed it each time. Detective Goren and Eames were not my favorite pair of Detectives when I started watching Criminal Intent, but this episode was one of the handful that helped change my mind about them. They worked very well together and manage to get the crime solved.moreless
  • Not my favourite storyline and I wasn't convinced.

    A strong opening, as a son is forced to watch his father have his throat cut, and then is killed himself is let down by a story that isn't quite believable in my opinion. Street kids are disappearing, but appear to be taken under the wing of a local businessman - a sound engineer.

    Suddenly we're faced with a kind of modern day version of Oliver Twist, with a ringleader running a group of thieves and a lot of mumbo jumbo about stoicism and Marcus Aurelius. Maybe this kind of brainwashing would be possible, but I didn't buy it personally and this is far from my favourite episode.

    On the plus side, the acting is as good as ever, Goran and Eames work well together and there's the usual twist as the 'baddie' is finally revealed.

    OK, but not outstanding.moreless
  • A father and his pre-teen son are viciously murdered, leading the detectives to a modern day self-appointed 'general' - and a very hush hush bicycle theft ring. Goren and Eames learn that in this case, it was the father paying for the sins of the son.moreless

    Who would've thought bicycle theft was so profitable? And that bikes can go up to fifteen thou each?

    Goren surmises the young boy was forced to watch his dad's murder before being executed, so the punitive nature of the crime was aimed at the child. The detectives find the boy had possessions beyond the usual allowance range, and obviously he wasn't pulling any 9 to 5.

    Silence rules, however, in the victims' "low crime area"...neighbors are shut-mouth, and the kids in the theft ring as steadfast as hardened criminals. No wonder, the penalty for disloyalty is a throat slit neat, left to right, and a quick burial.

    But finally the detectives are led (by Goren's recognition of a Cuban beat)to a neighborhood recording studio owned by a virtual urban hero - Jo-Jo - a nurturing straight arrow ostensibly teaching kids the values of hard work and self respect. But other boys have disappeared, and many others in the 12 block neighborhood are not just being trained as pricy bike thieves, but are inculcated with fear by the studio owner.

    Breaking the cretin's smug sense of security doesn't take long, tho. "Jo-Jo" is a fairly savvy brainwasher, has his 'legions' spout Marcus Aurelius, (LOL!, which of course Bobby the classics lover recognizes at once) then commit hari-kari when the detectives move in. But naturally, the Emperor won't fall on his own sword - martyrdom being for the underage foot soldiers, not the (barf)'general'.

    One of the villains you relish being brought down, courtesy of Goren and Eames. Not much in the way of'stoicism' when Goren yanks his chain,

    and 'the way of the warrior' is a quick ride to Rikers.

    V D'O - so soooo soooooo scrumcious in that wool cap. :)moreless
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