Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 9 Episode 7

Love Sick

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 11, 2010 on USA

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  • SIGH.....

    This was the worse episode that L&OCT has ever aired.
    So dissapointing....You knew within the first three minutes who did it. It was abvious it was the fireman from the shadow at the very beginning. No surprises. The premise has been done before. The show just didn't go anywhere. I am surprised how much I still like the show. I thought I'd hate Saffron being on it. But she's actually very good. The chemistry between her and Goldblum works.
    All th episode have been good...this one should have gone into the trash in the writers room. Hoping the rest of the shows will be alot better, and that won't take much after this stinker!
  • Back to basics with Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Cases that delve into the mind of the criminal.

    First, a few general comments.

    It is sad to see so many bad reviews and scores come in on recent Criminal Intent episodes just because Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe no longer grace our screens every week. Season 9 has been tremendous so far, nearly on par with the episodes of seasons 1 - 3. There are many that forget what the premise of Criminal Intent is - to delve into the mind of the criminal. It is not the who what or where. It asks the question of why and this season goes back to that question more than ever. Why did the couple kill girls? What is their psyche?

    If people can stop whinging about Goren and Eames for a minute and take some tome to review earlier episodes, there were many that told us who the killer was straight up. In fact in the Pilot we find out who the criminals are within 5 minutes. In this episode we found out one of the two at the beginning. But did we find out why? No. That was left to the very end.

    The dark nature of the show continues to impress me. "Delicate", "Gods & Insects", "Abel & Willing" and "Love Sick" are not 'fluffy and light' as many thought they would be due to USA network but are in fact extremely dark and complex character studies on the darker and depraved sides of humanity.

    With this episode I am growing to like Det. Stevens a lot and Cpt. Callas continues to impress me. Then again, I have always enjoyed Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. What a fitting title to an incredibly dark story.

  • The adrenaline needle to the heart that Criminal Intent has been needing all season.

    I haven't had very many positive words to say about this show lately. From the confusing and needlessly long season premier, to the tongue-on-tooth cheesiness of last week's "Saw" ripoff, and of course the gloomy out-of-placeness of "Broad Channel". However this week with "Love Sick", it is clear that the writing staff and cast have once again found their bearings and turned in an excellent installment to rank among the best in recent memory.

    The story begins in a nightclub where a drug dealer and his girlfriend are assaulted. For her, it's the last straw, and she finds companionship in Mya, the young nurse's assistant that attends her at a clinic. After she is found dead the next morning, the Major Case Squad is on the beat and we are taken on a twisted ride that is full of top-notch performances (with the exception of the actress who portrays Mya, whose chops seem better suited to a low-budget teen horror flick) and easily the best writing of the season so far.

    The creative team at Criminal Intent seems to have crafted this episode from the audience's perspective; playing with our assumptions and judgment of character from the beginning and revealing in trademark Law & Order style that things are not always as they appear. The various themes of this episode don't try to run any deeper than they need to and that method of direct storytelling sensibility is exactly what has been lacking from this show all season long.