Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 9 Episode 1

Loyalty (Part 1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2010 on USA

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  • Frustrating.

    I am sure I could have written a great review on this episode, except NBC (or the local affiliate) pulled it to put on that mind-numbingly stupid "Minute to win it." I changed channels immediately. I checked back periodically to see if LOCI was just running late, but noooooo...they just pulled it.

    I have loved this show ever since it came on. I loved the chemistry between Goren and Eames and Nicole Wallace. Goren has ALWAYS been a "liability". Why should he stop now?
    I liked Captain Ross, too. He was always scruffy, as opposed to the first captain, who was almost too "elegant" for the major case.
    It seems that "quirky" and "nerdy" would be requirements for Major Case Squad. Chris Noth was not a good fit: he was too "non-geeky". For someone to know the quirks, quibbles, and psycology of human beings, they would need lots of time to study people, and you can't do that from the middle of the social scene. He just seemed too "Big Guy On Campus" for this show.
  • When one of the people behind some murders in the waters near Somali are gunned down in New York Major Case is brought in. Ross is acting a little funny and seems to be involved in some shady dealings. Goren, Eames, and Nichol's are on the case.

    ***** Major Spoilers *****

    The first of a two part episode which most everyone knows is the final Law & Order: Criminal Intent for Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian.

    We find out that Ross is involved in a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) case with the FBI which gets him killed. Nichol's shows up as a matter of course as he and Ross were partners in their early careers. The three detectives working together is actually pretty smooth. D'Onofrio's Goren is going pretty postal at the way his Captain was used and Erbe's Eames isn't much happier. The scene where Ross gets it is quick and the aftermath is handle with some fine acting by the cast including the long time ME Leslie Hendrix. After the detectives get return to the office and look through Ross' files, Nichol's get involved. Next comes Lt. Stanley Maas played by David Zayas who has been sent to Major Case to keep order by the Commissioner. I like this character. He goes by the book, but isn't afraid to let his detectives do what needs getting done.

    Really the episode in the end is about Goren losing control and doing what he needs to get Ross' murderer at any cost. I think that is the message we are seeing. Which makes sense as they worked so closely together over the years. Nichols was Ross' partner and he may have more of a comrade than a boss perspective on Ross. It will be interesting to see where the plot goes in the second half of this episode. So far the majority of suspects are getting killed one by one. We know the players and we know who is doing the killing. The question is how will they get caught at this point. It should be interesting and heartbreaking at the same time. For the record I too am sad at the actors leaving, but I will continue to watch Goldblum as he is a fine actor and worth the time to watch in everything he does. Thanks for reading...
  • One of the last episodes I'll be watching...

    Ugh, so for some reason it's not letting me post anything on the I'll just write my thoughts here! Damn thing...

    Well, I haven't been on here in a very long time, but I just figure I better add my reaction, my two cents, because as someone said..."this parting is NOT such sweet sorrow."

    The episode was great; I knew for a long time that it was Ross that was getting killed off and not Goren and Eames. Happy about that but it just sucks for all what they're doing to them. I'm bummed, and yes, I hate, with a passion, Detective Nichols. He's too quirky and too much like Goren. I mean, hello! Can't they come up with a new character? Oh wait, yeah, without Goren and Eames, there is no LOCI. Because, yeah, this is a character driven show and when you get rid of the two best things in it, there is no show. Someone else said to change the name of the show why they're at it. Definitely. Why not? They're ruining the show anyway. I know many people, including myself, will not be watching the show after they leave. To me, there is only one more hour of LOCI left for me and that saddens me.

    Great scene right after Ross was killed. I loved how Bobby talked to the female FBI agent and pretty much plowed his way through them to see Ross' body. I know him and Ross didn't get along too well but with that character, you could tell that it didn't matter. He was still his friend, and Goren's character shined in that scene. Also, when he put his arm half-way around Eames, it was sweet, but I hate how she kind of pulled away from him. Did anyone else notice that? And of course, he little comment about him blaming himself for this. *sighs*

    As far as the previews for next week. Wow. So here's the theory going around...and it almost sounds like fanfic to me, but it could be possible! Everyone's saying (and I can see this) that Bobby will be fired and because of that, Eames will quit. What a lot of fans (and especially shippers) are worried about is that, at the end, are they going to part and go their separate ways, or will they go in the same direction? I know I will be pissed, and then very sad if they part and go a different way. I know that may be the shipper in me, but they have to stay together in some capacity! Also, in the previews for the next episode, when Eames said to Goren: "You know what they want." The way he looked at her. He looked so sad, understanding, but mostly, I swear I saw love in his eyes! In all, I'm very disappointed about them getting rid of my favorite pair, but this episode was good and the next looks to be even better. Goren being a 'liability' like he always has been looks like it's what's going to get him fired once and for all. Pity. He's such a great Detective.