Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2004 on USA

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  • Had me on the edge of my seat throughout episode! Brilliant!

    This episode is exactly why I watch this series - it had a intriguing, interesting and awesome start that drew me in from the first scene, and it had me on the edge of my seat until the very end. This episode was the ultimate criminal intent mystery with lots of twists and turns and surprises throughout the show as more and more of the plot was revealed. When the husband wanted his wife to sleep in the dead childrens' room, my stomach just sank and my heart went out to that poor woman. He was so evil to her. That's what made the ending so sad for me. The ending was NOT what I thought it was going to be, and I felt the wrong person got punished in the end. Still, this is one of the best episodes of CI I've seen in a while and the characters were perfectly cast and played. Brilliant!