Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 8 Episode 14

Major Case

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 26, 2009 on USA

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  • Nichols and Eames (filling in for the in labor Wheeler) chase the killer of a teen aged drug dealer. Nichols suspects that the head of the crime lab may know more than he is telling, but Captain Ross wants him to concentrate on more conventional suspects.

    Interesting episode, with Detective Eames filling in for Wheeler, who goes into labor in Captain Ross's office. I would have liked them to have brought back Alicia Witt, since they are going to have to invent reasons for Goren to be absent every other week so that Eames can work with Nichols.

    We learn that Nichols and Captain Ross were partners some time in the past, and that Nichols nearly got Ross suspended for a month.

    In response to another review, from the very first season, Law & Order: CI has often shown the killer at the beginning of the episode. The original idea, before Vincent D'Onofrio took over the show, was to show the crime from the criminal's perspective. You can't do that without showing the crime.
  • Interesting insight

    A very well written episode about a very well known but shady crime lab expert. All his books and tv shows and videos however can't save him from Zack and Eaves, who I think work very well together. I would like to see them team up more in the future. I wonder what a Goren Wheeler episode would be like? Maybe we will find out eventually. Zack reaches into his bag of tricks to eventually nail this guy who is a pro at knowing how to destroy evidence. Congrats to Wheeler on the delivery of her baby girl; wonder if she's even going to keep it considering who the father is. Stay tuned.
  • A young girl is murdered and the killer goes out of his way to not look suspect.

    Dylan Baker was great as a guest star, coming out of the Law & Order stable once again, in probably his best role as the lead guest star. But who really shined in this episode (for me) was Dr. Rodgers. Usually only seen for the initial autopsy findings, she was in two more scenes, first helping fuel Nichols theory and then turning over a key piece of the story line.
    I didn't think Wheeler was ready to have the baby? Thought they breezed over her pregnancy and suddenly she's having the baby. The part of the story I'm wondering about is if she'll come back and how the baby will affect the job.
  • Creepy and very entertaining!!

    This episode was so creepy and surprising! The killer was so scary and then you find out who he really is and it blows you away. A young drug dealer is killed and the killer happens to know A LOT of forensics. I really liked Eames paired up with Nichols. Ross was funny in this episode too. I'm excited for the other Eames/Nichols episodes coming up. I did not want this episode to end! Very entertaining and suspenseful throughout. I was shocked at the twists in the episode. A very well written episode for this season. Reminds me why I love watching CI.
  • Nichols and Eames investigate the murder of a young woman who was a drug runner. Wheeler has her baby girl while Eames is working with Nichols. Nichols suspects the cities head ME as what little evidence gets tampered with and complete lack otherwise.

    Great episode with Nichols and Eames working together as Wheeler is having her baby. Goren is conveniently off working a lead in Tennessee as well. We know from the beginning that Dr. Henry Muller played by Dylan Baker is the killer as we see him commit the act. The only question is with his expertise is there any chance that he would be caught. Unfortunately for him the one thing that he seemed not to be able to control, his own actions, were what finally got him caught.

    As the other suspects were removed from play, Nichols who recognized the actions of Muller as someone who was acting guilty, kept putting up road blocks to catch him. Leslie Hendrix as the Major Case ME Dr. Rodgers does a great job in this episode of assisting Nichols in catching Dr. Muller. I thought Nichols and Eames played well off one another and it was interesting to sort of mix up the regular teams. It would be fun to see Nichols and Goren or Goren and Wheeler some time as well.

    Jeff Goldblum, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian are wonderful as always and the storyline was interesting. A little different kind of episode but very entertaining. Thanks for reading...
  • "Maaatttlllooooccccckkkk!" - Abe Simpson

    When did Criminal Intent become Matlock? Why are they showing us who did it in the first three minutes? I enjoy finding out who did it as the detectives do and guessing along the way. The last couple of episodes have shown us the murder (and murderer.) It's like watching Columbo.

    This was an interesting episode because the murderer was one of their own, but it seemed a little derivative of Dexter - an inside job, investigated and covered up by the killer himself. They could get away with this once, but they seem like they are starting to grasp at straws for new plots.

    Also, I'm sick of Capt. Ross's attitude towards Nichols. We watched this exact format early on with Goren. Nichols doesn't ruffle nearly as many feathers as Goren does, yet Ross is quick to admonish him. So tired.
  • Best non-Goren episode in a while.

    Most episodes without Vincent D'Onofrio lack a certain degree of memorability in my mind. There are a few exceptions, but not many- this was definitely one of them. Spoiler ahead:

    Dylan Baker gave a really memorable performance as a corrupt forensic scientist. It's a shame this wasn't Jeff Goldblum's premier episode- he really played well off of Baker, and hit the right chord as a cop trying to win justice by exposing a seemingly untouchable and unlikely suspect. Most of the Det. Nichol's episodes so far have involved him giving speeches, getting into supsect's heads, and revealing unconventional skills... basically doing all the things D'Onofrio has made an art of as Goren... this episode impressed me because Goldblum's character didn't seem out to impress or to give soliloquys... or play piano... but just to pursue justice. I think this is the tone they need to strike more often in order to give Det. Nichols a comfort zone within this show.
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