Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2002 on USA

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  • Russian Mob Characters just arnt as appealing as italian Mobsters

    I didnt really find this episode enjoyable. I dont know why, but Russian, or russian Mob characters just arnt appealing to me. i would love to see more Italian mob characters than any other group, mainly because were so attatched to them, and we find that italian-american stereo-type so fascinating. well, thats just my view
  • A Russian mob bosses daughter who wrote a book that put her father away for life is writing again. More people than just the mob are alarmed by this news. Goren and Eames must unravel the mystery of who cut off her head and shipped it to her publisher.

    A very well written story that was believable and tragic in so many ways. The truth in these peoples lives has obviously never been important and in the end Goren gets the killer to confess to cover his true motives. I love the technique of throwing the pictures to the points of interest in the crime scene.

    The daughter that was writing the books was a piece of work. Not that you would condone what she did as being bad, but anyone who would write a book betraying her own father certainly would have no qualms about writing a tell all story about her best friend from her college years. The killer was even more warped than his friend the writer. Obviously killing out of a singular need to be loved. Not understand what the consequences of this would be and living with it all these years. Not really understanding or really capable of dealing with the needs he has. Just having the driven need to be loved. His sister unbeknowst to her has enabled this behavior her whole life.

    Very intricate moves from one scene to another and deep seeded understanding of the psychology of people were the main points to this story. Goren contemplating the truth about the mother's suicide. Understanding the truth about what really happened from thirty year old photographs of the crime scene.

    Very well done. An intricate tale of betrayal and disturbing emotions. The dialogue was well done and the final scene happened in such a way to make the story believable. Thanks for reading.
  • A Russian emigre who writes mob exposes ends up starring in the best-head-in-a-box-discovery since "Se7en". Goren and Eames find it wasn't being a Mafia Princess got her killed, or even a blabbermouth, but a poor excuse for a friend.

    One of the best of season one.

    The daughter of a high ranking Russian mobster is decapitated, and only Goren could examine the ' gift box' with such aplomb. I've seen kids looking down into Christmas presents with less delight.

    Ms. Headless' dad had just been jailed, at least partially due to his daughter's loose lipped "novel", and to the consternation of the tribe, Ms. Expose was announcing a sequel. But altho the killing, in Bobby's words "had all the characteristics of a mob hit", the actual murderer is much more interesting than your run-of-the-mill wiseguy. The detectives investigation takes them to the novelist's diverse areas of research, any one of whch could yield paydirt. The perp is, tho, someone who really does fear the writer's next publication. And that is because next on the expose list is the dead woman's old school buddy, a cross-dresser uncomfortably 'close' to his sister, on whom the writer has enough info to put together a less than flattering picture. Not about transexualism, ho hum. But about a pathology stemming from a childhood crime.

    Seems at age ten he poisoned his mom with ant killer-laced lemonade to abort her fetus, then watched her die from the kitchen sink cabinet. Wasn't tall enough to make it to the dish storage. Motive - jealousy of her pregnancy. Consequence - a lifetime of wearing dresses and paying prostitutes to make him say, "Mommy, I'm sorry". Hiding the truth even from himself, it hardly heartened the killer to learn he'd be the theme of the next best seller. So - off with the head!

    VD'O trivia win: Knowing a sheriff's model of Rolex hadn't been made since 1979.
  • This episode is the one that made me a fan of Criminal Intent. A series classic!

    This episode is the one that made me a fan of Criminal Intent.

    Here you have a Russian Mob Princess beheaded because she knew the secrets of her former prep school classmates childhood. He accidentally murdered his mother when he was a seven year child by spiking her lemonade with rat poison in an effort to make her \"throw up\" the baby she was carrying after remarrying.

    A horrific, yet all-too-human scenario, and wonderful to see how the episode kept taking one step backward into Kenny\'s past with each step forward in the investigation, until there they are in the kitchen of the home where it all happened when Kenny was seven.

    That poor little boy never left that room, and his entire life was defined (and screwed) by an awful, tragic mistake made by a child. Maledictus, indeed! Hooray for Criminal Intent!! This is a brilliant episode!
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