Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2002 on USA

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  • When two drivers are killed on a pharmaceutical companies delivery route it looks like a case of forgery and drug theft. That's until Goren and Eames start digging and find a pharmacist who has literally killed dozens of patients by diluting their drugs.

    A pretty nice case for Goren and Eames where they uncover a dastardly plot that could have killed more than a hundred patients.

    When a robbery goes bad and the two drivers of the delivery truck are killed it looks like someone set the truck up to be robbed. It seemed like a number of kids just pulled a job that went wrong.

    When investigating the case one of the boys copped a plea to all of the drug charges and four cases of forgery to avoid the murder charge. The funny thing was the Pharmacist played by veteran character actor Stephen Tobolowsky claimed that his order was legitimate early before the boy copped to the plea. So unfortunately he caused a red flag that put him in the cross-hairs of suspicion.

    What is found out is a truly horrendous crime against humanity all to please his fellow parishioners at his church. It seems truth and humility were not really important to this church.

    Interesting case in that in working it the detectives found a man who had assisted his wife in committing suicide. Of course if his wife had been given the right drug dosages she would have most probably survived. So the detectives did not want to charge the older man in that crime considering the circumstances. So we are faced with an interesting situation. If they can't get the Pharmacist to confess they will have to charge the older man also.

    The detectives put on a good show and in the end get the results they want. The Pharmacist cops to 1200 counts and will get 15 to life.

    Sort of a different enjoyable episode with some interesting twists. Goren and Eames are great as always. Thanks for reading...