Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 6 Episode 4

Maltese Cross

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2006 on USA

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  • Noth's gives great performance in hard heart felt episode...

    Ok first Chris Noth showed just how great of an actor he really is and delivered one of his best. I think this episode showed a lot of CI fans he is just as great as Vince and a great addition to CI. And thank you for putting to bed once and for all that Mike is NOT gay and just because he doesn't have a problem with gays didn't make him one! I loved the way as classic CI they started at a pivotal moment and then replayed how they got there in small key peices then bring us back to catch they ending. Normally I am always on top guess who did it but wow I missed the gay killer this time even after they showed us him giving the victom a key wave during a protest. And I like the serial killer profile, to bad there was not more time to develop it more like past events and more killings. And it was a great chance for the new caption to show his loyalty to his "men" or staff etc... and his faith in Mike was nice for a change since Wheeler is his "man".
    And yah WHAT UP with "Wheeler"?!?!? Yes I think she did good when her and Mike where talking to the retired cop playing the "young" rookie but Noth way outshine her. But I mean come on she didn't do anything to help her partner!! She just stood there and what little she did attempt late in the fight was not worth showing. It just made her look worse. She is not worthy of CI status yet as far as I am concerned let alone to be put next to Mike as a partner. They really need to get him a partner that works well charector whys. I miss "Lenny"!! What a team! Mike seemed to be doing all the key plays and ideas during the episode. So either fix her charector or drop her before they ruin it. Chris Noth is really the only reason I watch every other week, so please!!! I think over all they did a pretty good job writing this episode with the feelings of loyality in both departments. However law enforcement is more know to "cover up" for their own then firefirghters and I think they over played putting both of our heros s/p 9/11 into a bad spot light for bit. I am happy they at least little time there was left showed the two working together! Reality is that all law enforcement, fire and rescue, and emergency services are protective of each other not just their own teams. NYFD is one of the best! Not only are they team memebers but friends and if they lose a team memeber they make sure that thier family is well taken care of as each department does in they won ways. A little more communication and helping each departement next time they try to write about us please.
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