Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 4 Episode 22

My Good Name

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2005 on USA

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  • Two murders are revolving around a very good friend of Captain Deakins

    A perfectly written episode. A common plot, a man with a wife and two mistresses, one of them manipulative and jealous starts getting rid of the other ones. We witness the progressive discovering of the new evidence that links the set-off murder to an important figure. Later we learn he's a former chief of detective and the first partner to Cpt. Deakins when he was still a beat cop. I liked the development of the story, I think it was well explained and shown how "the best cop ever" can be made to murder. So, common may it seem, it was very entertaining for me, and I also appreciated a bit of a depth into the Deakins character, we've been seeing for a while so far but nothing has been actually told about him.
  • A murdered man's philandering ex-wife is the clue that leads the detectives to a suspect connected to Captain Deakins, "the best street cop who never made commissioner".

    It's not often the 'revealing' tag is appropriate for CI storylines, and even the 'character development' one had fallen out of regular use by the end of season four. After all, at all costs the 'soap' has to be avoided, but funny how its byproduct is generally pretty decent drama.

    The Deakins' character as originally written was supposed to show evidence of personal ambition, and it first appeared it might be demonstrated at a level bordering on detrimental to department efficiency. But the 'poltician' in Deakins quickly became a one quip a season phenomenon. The character ended up as lame and tame as imaginable. Another L&O angel, devoid of human foibles, interesting human character flaws, the venial sins that make humanity so engrossing.

    So this epi was an opportunity to exploit that nominally ambitious nature to create some ongoing interest, as well as introduce the very relevant theme of loyalty amongst police officers.... But come to think of it, it was the sounding of the Deakins swansong, as the Captain after all, was fated to be swallowed up by the black pit of personal storyline by the next season's end.

    This was a very strong episode, featuring a tight investigation, a complex but not convoluted plot, solid Goren-Eames interaction, and a theme that rings true to any police drama...the conflict between loyalty and the public interest, between the Brotherhood and the Greater Good..a storyline that hasn't been plumbed sufficently, imo, in CI.

    Sheridan, with his patch over one of those famously twinkling eyes, provided a believable quagmire, with just the right touch of internal conflict. (IMO, his CI stint did not do him one expected, or wanted, a Randall Flagg encore, but he was inevitably written out to be a mere cypher, a minor cog in the Goren machine.)

    As his street cop-pol bud, guest star Michael Rispoli as Frank Adair was a true replica of that short, dumpy city cop/mayor/union rep whose forceful charisma draws in legions of true believers and whose dynamic appeal beds women far beyond his looks/bank account/stature. Totally credible as a three-timing semi-rogue and completely plausible that a woman would kill for him. Born to play Buddy Cianci when that flick inevitably gets made, and trailing only Bobby Cannavale (but barely)as the sexiest CI guest star.

    Watch out for any man nicknamed "Bear".
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