Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2007 on USA
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A rape trial goes wrong when a witness is killed, but the likely suspects – the football team members accused of the rape – turn out not so likely, and attention turns towards an attorney.

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  • Terrible direction in this episode - possibly the worst direction ever for a Law & Order series. What were they thinking?

    This is a "ripped from the headlines" episode about a bunch of football players accused of raping a stripper. Ho, hum. They should have done this one years ago, when the writers and directors weren't so lame.

    I watched this with astonishment: Did they run out of budget? Why do such terrible, rushed work in the direction, acting and editting. Mind you, Noth, Begosian and company do TRY to put something into this, but it's clear that Dick Wolf just Doesn't CARE about the CI series any more.

    And the overblown way-beyond-her-skill-level performance of Alicia Witt reminds me of her cardboard days on the Cybill show (an underwritten, underdirected and very badly performed show, with the one gleaming exception of Christine Baranski).

    Avoid this episode: It's very poorly produced, and actually, pretty dull.moreless
  • Episode based on the Duke lacrosse team rape scandal

    Excellent! This was a great "ripped from the headlines" episode based on the recent Duke Lacrosse team scandal. I believe this is the first time they have shown that Det. Logan has opened up and shared his history with his new partner. When he stopped in front of the courthouse reached into his wallet and took out the old wrinkled newspaper article detailing why he was "exiled" to Staten Island for punching a government official. Nice touch to actually have an old photo of Logan and the official he assaulted in the article. I believe this is one of the better twist endings in recent memory.moreless
  • Two young women strippers -- one a religious Asian, one a Dominican with a hot-headed boyfriend -- say they were raped at a college football party, leading an ambitious DA with a PR-conscious wife to target several players, then someone kills the Asianmoreless

    I was afraid this series was in decline, and that may generally be so (especially with the once-proud D'Onofrio entries), but this was an impressive, entertaining episode. Negative reviews that seem unable to get beyond the fact that the episode borrowed from the Duke lacrosse team case miss the craftsmanship of the writers and actors.

    The plot threads and themes were developed and woven together well, there were many well-sketched, well-acted characters, and there was some good investigation and legwork. This made for a rich, detailed, nicely paced story, even with some cliche elements and sense that Logan was caught somewhat flat-footed by the final twist. That the prosecutor in the episode was on a crusade against rich and privileged kids and yet his effort ended up destroying entirely different people -- captured by Logan's fade-to-black last line -- was an effective, original touch.

    Each of the regulars, including the captain, contributed substantially to the story. I am a big fan of Eric Bogosian, who was terrific as the brainy villain in Under Seige II. But opportunities for him to stand out on this series, playing against his off-the-wall type as a button-down, harried superior, are limited. He made the most of them in this episode, running interference with the ambitious prosecutor, well played by Andrew McCarthy (I love the way he arrogantly stares off into space when talking to people).

    Given Vincent D'Onofrio's excellent, original work on this series, and only having seen Chris Noth in his limited, gimmicky role on Sex and the City, I was not looking forward to Noth's episodes. But I am more and more impressed with his acting. He brings energy to the part and seems interested in the stories. He gives Logan a softer-than-expected, conversational interrogation style, but has a quiet, confident toughness to draw on (giving a look and simply saying "we'll be in touch, coach" when the man threatens to throw him off the field).

    The series has had trouble settling on a partner for Logan, which is too bad. He seems to get along well enough with all of them. His first partner on the Criminal Intent series was cerebral and substantial but dour, monotone, and impassive (her best episode may have been breaking down the conductor with details of the degenerative disease of his new wife from a shotgun marriage); the second fresh-faced and businesslike; and the current partner a little flaky and plain. In this episode, her behavior was exaggerated, but she added some spark and shook things up at various points, making her a useful complement to the others.moreless
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