Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 9 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 29, 2010 on USA

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  • Where is Higgins?

    I swear that they dusted off a lost episode of Magnum P.I. and adapted it to L&O CI. This epsidode is so out of place that it is just plain absurd. Watching the closing monologue, I couldn't help but laugh because I was totally hearing it in the voice of Thomas Magnum. What the F is going on with this series?!?!?! I can't believe that this episode ever made it into production. It is almost like a parody of itself at this point. I like the idea of Nichols as a character but the execution is really sloppy. They need new writers badly.
  • Really bad!

    This episode started out intriguing with Nichols talking to an unidentified woman in London, but then it just dissolved into foolishness. It was so poorly acted that I wondered if it was a satire of the whole psychological L&O:CI thrust. But it wasn't. It was just bad, and more than a little weird.

    This episode and this season are so disappointing and on more than one level. Jeff Goldblum and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio are two of my favorite actors and it pains me to see them in such a horrible show. And the realization that Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe could have actually made even this awful episode tolerable makes this all the more difficult to watch. This episode was a a painful combination of bad concept, bad writing and bad acting.
  • Like season 9, hate this episode.

    Like season 9, hate this episode.

    I have loved Detective Zach Nichols because Jeff Goldblum is amazing; and the new season has been pretty good despite what many may say.

    Sure I miss Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe, but I love Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burrows is okay. All of season's nine episodes have been good except this one: Palimpsest, Episode 14.

    From start to finish everything was bad. The writing, the plot, the acting, lackluster, everything. There wasn't much 'criminal intent' this episode, just boring, predictable, inconceivable nonsense. Worst episode of Criminal Intent ever!

    I hope this season, and seasons to come will get better, I really do since I adore Jeff Goldblum/Zach Nichols.
  • 2 words...god awful.

    it's the 'limpsest' show i have seen in a long time. i had high hopes for goldblum, because i like him as an actor...unfortunately it was total weaksauce. This episode in particular made William Shatner's James T. Kirk seem cohesive in comparison. That scene in the attic...WHAT??? Were they trying to solve a game of CLUE while writing this schlock? It was the butler in the closet with the candlestick! I am not accustomed to being lobotomized by L&A...CSI yes, but thought this series had higher aspirations. guess there comes a time for every show to call it a day. Goren and Eames are gone, this show is over.
  • Why they continue to call this show "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" is beyond me since it is an entirely different show not even taking into consideration that they changed the cast as well. And it is an inferior show as well.

    I'm sorry, but I found Palimsest (or however it is spelled) to be a sorry version of an Agatha Christie novel. The gathering of the principal characters in the attic to reveal the killer - come on guys - just how corny is that?

    I do not like the character as played by Jeff Goldblum at all and his having had a past romantic relationship - and a sexual one at that - with the daughter of the deceased was more than what I wanted to know about Jeff's detective. I will never be able to think of Jeff Goldblum as a sexual person.

    I miss Vincent, Kathryn, Courtney B Vance and the guy who played Ross - a lot. The new cast and format just doesn't cut it for me. You should have just cancelled "Criminal Intent" altogether and given this show an entirely different name. "Criminal Intent" ended for me. I won't be watching it's replacement again.
  • The worst episode of Criminal Intent, ever! Horribly written and terribly acted.

    The list of credits for producers on this episode was twice as long as the cast. Most of them deserve to be fired for allowing this drivel to make it to air.

    Let's start with the writing. The butler did it? In a series reknowned for its surprise endings, this is the best they can do? It has a completely superfluous character in the woman in London, apparently to provide a mechanism for the equally superfluous narration by Nichols.

    The "Law & Order" franchise is also reknowned for its "ripped from the headlines" plots. This episode is just a lame rip-off of "The Davinci Code." The series has occasionally strayed from credibility in police procedures to make the plot work, but in this episode, Nichols is a friend of a victim, an heir to the estate, and a former lover of a potential suspect, which strains credibility beyond the breaking point. Not to mention all the people running around the house that have no business being there, instead of at the police station.

    Let's end with the acting. This writer confesses that he detests Jeff Goldblum, and greatly dreaded his addition to the show. However, in the first few episodes, his complete lack of affect seemed to fit the character well enough. But in this episode, it is fitting that the person who loves him is insane. You'd have to be!

    The butler could not decide which accent to use from scene to scene, and seems to think that staring at the floor is an effective acting technique for portraying a servant.

    Saffron Burrows could be criticized for her lack of acting here, but to be fair, the writer gave her absolutely nothing to work with.

    I remember reading about how the season premier was delayed because the first few episodes with Jeff Goldblum were so bad that the producers were fired. If this is one of those episodes, I understand and agree completely.
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